July, 2006

Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

A civilisation may only be as advanced as its understanding of the relationship between science and religion. One may encounter the occasional evaluation and comparison of these subjects, such as in a television documentary, seemingly endeavouring to reconcile these topics. In fact, deceptively they are doing exactly the opposite---they are increasing the polarity of the subjects rather than the unity. In a nutshell, if you wish to arrest the development of a society and/or enslave its members you keep physics and religion separate.

Since this is a world expressed through energy patterns and knowledge structures then physics is the basic subject and can potentially come to the rescue in handling all facets of our existence---including the mental and spiritual. The current conflicting viewpoint of the atheist and the religionist can be placed in a (higher) context that is guaranteed to unite them into a single acceptable viewpoint, within a single subject---which would probably be called a 'spiritual science'. The word spirituality might be defined as the multidimensional physics of inner space (see article The Suppression of Inner Space).

Possibly the main three key factors which can reconcile physics and religion are 1) recognition of inner space, 2) that all basic fractals are internal fractals, and 3) the correct recognition and evaluation of unity, the undivided whole, or the quantum state. Number (1) immediately links the objectivity and external world with the inner consciousness, the 'within' and the source and perpetuation of the material, external world. Number (2), internal fractals, shows us that in the same manner that a twig on a tree goes from the many (twigs) to smaller groupings, through fractal levels, branches attached to larger branches, etc. to a single entity, the tree trunk, similarly universe structures go back in an organised and nested manner through inner (and higher) space to a single source or quantum state---the God concept, that is, a complete integration through inner space. This is the inevitable result of true fractals (see article Source of Fractals and the Fractal Matrix).

Thus we have already formed the link which unites physics and religion but to consolidate this qualitatively we need to recognise the third factor. A harmonious connection between physics and religion can never be made without an acknowledgement of true unity. Thus we have number 3, unity. Religion emphasises unity but science denies it and shuns the term 'holistic', except occasionally in quantum physics. Science only teaches that unity is composite or is a simulated wholeness, made up of parts stuck together by forces. Science tells us that the universe is just made up of particles (attached by forces). But quantum physics has shown that this view only comes into existence when the observation or detection process is made. Hence current science is not looking at the real universe; in a similar way---as an analogy--- to a community of ants living on the bonnet (hood) of a motor vehicle that has a 'science' of the heat and vibrations of the surface (from the running engine) but totally unaware of the 'vast' machinery of the (inner space) engine source. (See figures in articles on superspace, and also the basic energy unit, which indicate some of this vast machinery of inner space.)

Scientific methodology and human ego-observation by the physical senses create their own contextual interface with the universe. These lower-dimensional senses and detection processes will only invoke 3D spacetime observations and corresponding knowledge. More advanced knowledge must be obtained from the mind which would also avoid the potential illusions of the physical senses and the inevitability of the 3D particle view, as invoked by scientific methodology. Nevertheless some scientists are involved in a very different field, that of researching quantum states to be used for faster computers. True unity is a whole quantum state and is not 3D. It, in effect, opens up into higher inner fractals---like a window, achieved through curvature of space. This is also what humans accomplish when they create qualitative states by unifying or putting order into the quantitative.

The great spiritual leader which we know (erroneously) by the name 'Jesus Christ' clearly understood the inner-consciousness and inner-space aspects of life and expressed this by the statements: 'the Father within', 'the Kingdom within', and 'the closet within'. We shouldn't view the separation of external and inner space as abruptly separate (see article The Suppression of Inner Space). Inner space and consciousness will be experienced as nested layers of alternate objectivity and subjectivity according to a consciousness perceiving or existing in these inner and higher levels/realms. Meaning that there will be a degree of objectivity (externalness) within this inner-space hierarchy but of reducing ratio, objectivity:subjectivity to complete subjectivity at the Source.

Thus the Source is within inner space and not across external space. If you want to dis-empower a religious community you teach them that God is external. Once we have established the above relationship between the inner and outer, we can then finally understand what 'soul' is. One couldn't have a better analogy than the fractal system of the tree. Visualise the tree, without leaves for simplicity, then imagine that the twig fractal level corresponds to humans. To improve the analogy we should 'convert' the tree into an inner-space system with nested levels. The 'twig' has a spectrum of frequencies which gives our material and physical level. We then imagine the next branch to which it is attached is in a higher spectrum and invisible to the twig. Similarly for the next third fractal branch, which is a still higher spectrum of frequencies and is outside the range of the second branch's spectrum. This goes on all the way back to Source, the tree trunk. But note that in the analogy we are converting the linear branches of the actual tree into inner-space nonlinear fractals as we go from twig to source. We see now that the soul is the second fractal level (that the twig, human, is attached to). The third one could be called 'oversoul', and so on.

Thus we see that consciousness is fractalised, as would be expected since everything else appears to obey the fractal laws. Let us present a final analogy (given in a previous article) which gives the big picture combining a dimensional framework with the spirituality of inner space.

Firstly we picture a box in front of us (box 1)---with walls or merely an open framework. This is an analogy for our 3D, our material existence, the entirety (virtually) of our apparent space and of what science and education teaches. This 3D realm has a particular frequency spectrum (just as a waveband creates our television picture).

Now imagine a second larger box (box 2) surrounding the first, that is, the first is inside the second. Box 2 has a larger and higher-dimensional framework. It has a higher frequency spectrum. The characteristics of box 2, such as higher rates of information (higher frequencies), penetrate the first box but are not readily available to physical senses and the ego personality (3D must be transcended). Similarly we imagine a third larger box (box 3) with a still higher-frequency spectrum surrounding box 2 and box 1; and so forth. These boxes are like fractal levels, just as a twig on a tree (first fractal level; compare box 1) is attached to a branch (box 2) which in turn is attached to a larger branch (box 3). We see that the whole system goes back to a single source (tree trunk or God concept). Box 2 is the so-called 'soul' existence. The box 3, say, oversoul, etc. The larger boxes have higher frequencies of creation and this also means the potential for greater integration and unity---that is, more qualitative. Great classical music is achieved by a human in box 1, 'thinking' and tuning into higher-frequency aesthetic integrations, opening up a window into the higher boxes, accessing the greater qualitative states.

Note that the physics of these windows, giving access to higher dimensions, is that the greater the unity in spacetime and the quality being created by individuals, the greater the access (gating) to the higher states. Current (first order) relativity is based on the context of box 1 only. As long as the knowledge in box 1 is used and technology is based on this context, relativity will self-prove. However, it is incorrect if we view life and the universe from box 2; for example, there is no light barrier and the velocity of light is not constant (see articles on open and closed systems and self-referencing systems).

The teachings on this planet are so far from the truth (not an accident), that it will be a shock to many to discover that their consciousness is fractalised---that they exist in numerous fractal levels similar to the twig and its higher branches, as though our original and higher consciousness' spectrum, like white light, has been split via a prism, separating out into different wavelengths (groups of wavelengths on different dimensional levels). The author 30 years ago deliberately left this information out of his book Superhuman as it was considered that no one would believe it (then). Even more so, that the individual personality aspect (ascension/evolution) also follows the same rules as the tree---sheer anathema to the ego (with its self-centred, individualised and contracted consciousness).

Now in the above model, as we create qualities in box 1, such as, for example, good art, benevolence, ethics, integrity, compassion, we put elements (particles, parts) into order/resonance/harmony and wholeness by quantum regeneration (the opposite of quantum reduction). This creates higher-frequency energies which correspond to the higher boxes and thus opens up 'wider' windows of greater unity to the higher properties of boxes 2, 3, etc.

If enough people behave in this qualitative way, the whole planet and civilisation (with exceptions) can ascend in frequency into the next higher spectrum---box 1 merges into box 2, etc.---and we have the true meaning of ascension and evolution.

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