February, 2007

Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Can we formulate an all-embracing simple basic unit of creation to cover all aspects of existence from the microscopic to the macroscopic and including polarities, whether constructive 'positives' and 'negatives' or disorders of psychological dualities. We can in fact arrive at such a fundamental element but must introduce an internal, nonlinear factor into current logic to satisfy conditions for a plausible reality structure. This can be arrived at by observation and the application of logic, deduction and rational thinking.

It is important to clarify that current science models everything on the basis of the concept of 'separateness.' It assumes that all processes come from external interactions and the laws of physics are based on this. With this premise, everything is made up of parts (or particles) held together by forces. And we have the whole is the sum of the parts or vice versa, the whole can be analysed, broken down, the parts understood, then combined and the whole understood. But we can know that with all natural entities the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Now as an analogy, a company organisation must have, for example, a manager to head a department of, say, ground-floor workers. These subordinates have their own information quite adequately, but organisation of these workers, that is, putting order and integration into the group requires a 'control unit' on 'another level.' The manager is not another ground-floor worker. He or she functions to monitor, unify, distribute information to the subordinates. Similarly all entities of the universe must occupy a similar relationship. There must always be some kind of background interconnectedness (supported by quantum physics). For example, particles and antiparticles must be created from or be annihilated into a unity (on another level) of these states.

This relationship is represented by the triad in Figure 1. The components A and B are on one level (compare subordinates), and C is on another level (compare manager). Note that A and B merely illustrate the separateness of two parts---there can be any number of A's and B's. Also C represents any degree of unification. Furthermore A and B can be any size of wholeness, any quantum state or undivided whole, including mental states. Science hasn't recognised that besides fundamental particles there are fundamental entities, such as planets or even galaxies (note leading quantum physicist Professor Bohm's suggestion that these are undivided wholes, or quantum states---if science had paid attention to this the world would be a different place today).

Thus logically C is essential to guide, monitor, unify, control, units A and B, etc. (depending on the application). It will become evident with further understanding that this triad ABC, Figure 1(a), is a fundamental 'computer' element and principle of all creation. In artificial computers the A's and B's are the so-called bits (units for storage of one bit of information which is a small electrical charge or pulse, and there are no C's). In nature's systems A and B are in the context of C, where C can be the unifying bit in a hierarchy of triads ABC---Figure 1(b).

The A's and B's give us the 'horizontal' logic basic to linear spacetime and the characteristics of separateness. This is the Aristotelian, Boolean, external, linear 3D logic. But we can arrive at the necessity of a second order logic, the 'vertical' coming in through inner space (at right angles to 3D), which thus requires internal, nonlinear multidimensional logic. All higher orders are simply extensions of this same second-order principle---compare (b) with (a) in Figure 1. No systems will operate or bring forth a reality without a background unifying principle. Even the connectedness of a stimulus and its response (stimulus-response in experimental psychology) will be a third element (C), a single quantum state giving the unity of the stimulus and response data. The Pavlovian dog salivates at the sound of the bell, but ask the dog, when at other times it is hungry and salivating, if mentally it hears the sound of the bell!

In order to control movement from one piece of data (A) to another (B) there must be a third (C) linking them together, enabling this to be achieved. Let us consider the following illustration. Let's say we have an ideal laboratory mind with no memories, no data, a total 'blank slate'. We direct this person to look at object A. This could now be their entire universe and existence, with no awareness of anything else, such as even the space around A. We have to move then to a new position B, say, at 90 degrees or at least out of sight of A. The same now applies to A. While looking at B there is no awareness of A and vice versa. We see that there must be a context for A and B, that is, a consciousness state which includes both, in addition to the separate components A and B, to enable the individual (A) to know about B while looking at A and vice versa. The person can now control which to look at. This is the principle and one has to imagine a complexity of such contextual layers.

Figure 1 only gives two levels because this is the basic element. Note that we have previously discussed the basic energy unit, or vortex (see article on this) but this unit is not illustrating a general principle (as is this one here); it shows the natural structure. Nevertheless the reader will note it is precisely of the same form: two parts (A and B), positive and negative, extending from a single (C) higher-dimensinal condition, for example 4D.

An advanced propulsion system would operate on the principle revealed by the triad. All atomic oscillations (the A's and B's) would be entrained to quantum regenerate one whole oscillation for the whole vehicle. This is a vortex osillation rekindled in inner/higher space. Cosmic bodies already have such inner unity and thus a spacecraft operating on this principle can travel by adjusting the relationship between the vehicle oscillation and, say, a planet's (see article on antigravity).

Current science and education only expresse the relation between the A's and B's. But without C there can be no existence. Nevertheless C can be disconnected to different degrees. When this is the case, A and B have reduced inner guidance and perception of one another. Note that C is a higher aspect of A or B, enabling A to know how B feels, and understands B's viewpoint. When C is not operating properly, which is almost the norm on planet Earth, A can harm B, or vice versa. The component C enables both unity and separation to exist simultaneously in A and B, because C and AB are on different dimensional/frequency levels. In psychological dualities, where A and B are opposites, C gives the inherent unityof these opposites---victim/perpetrator is a good example (see other articles on dualities).

With the non-recognition of C we create negative technologies, that is, technologies which are not based on a harmonic science and produce dangerous radiation, pollution and toxins, etc. When the full triad is operating we have the ideal in any condition. Current science and education deny C, the unity and integrating factor, the context which binds together all separateness, enabling isolated entities to be connected. When the triad is fully functioning, A's and B's operate in the context of C (articles on context refer). In a company, subordinates function in the context of the manager, who in turn functions in the context of the executives, etc. Similarly planets operate within the context of their suns, and star systems within the context of galaxies, etc. All fundamental contextual relationships would appear to be of the triad principle.

We can now present more examples. Let A be the left arm and B the right. To coordinate the two arms for some particular skill, such as playing a musical instrument, one must transfer the attention (focus of consciousness) from one arm to the other and back, rapidly---this takes effort. However, as the learning patterns link up, a third factor C develops that now provides a single point of activation to give the coordination of the two separate aspects, arm A and arm B. This is the result of countless triads linked together for each of A and B, then a single larger one linking A and B. Learning patterns are 4D holographic templates. In this example, the whole, C, is focussed into both A and B individually, which means that, say, A is empowered not just by its own programme but also B's. The actual positions of arm B assist A's positions. This applies from the smallest bit---the triad---to the largest integrations. This is how the learning pattern functions (see articles on skills/learning patterns).

Let's now imagine A and B are individuals. If, say, A is acting benevolently towards B, at that instant, C is activated. Person A is being non-egotistical; attention/consciousness is spanning both A and B, even if only momentarily, and creating a collective of A and B, which is C. Note that this assumes B is in agreement. Similarly if two people, A and B, are on the same wavelength (frequencies inphase or coherent); they will quantum regenerate a collective C, the unity of A and B. All qualitative mental states, such as benevolence, ethics, integrity, compassion are utilising consciousness at level C. Society and education emphasises the quantitative; merely A and B as being separate, giving polarity, potential conflict, ego, selfishness, etc.

Now even the laser works on the same principle. If one takes two rays of light A and B (consider many in practice), they are not generally coherent (frequencies are not in alignment) and the total power is less than the sum of A and B. If we put them into coherence, the resonance between them quantum regenerates a higher frequency ray of light C (this is a vortex oscillation) the power is now at least (A and B) squared. The rays A and B are now subharmonics of C. The relationship of A, B and C is inherently holographic (true unity is intrinsically holographic), thus the power factor derives from the square of the sum of the elements, such as A and B, plus another incremental factor based on the number of inner components (C, etc.).

Our triad also demonstrates the intrinsic relationship between integration and differentiation, referred to in other articles. This is a principle inherent in all processes---not recognised in current science. The unit C gives us the unification or integration of A and B and this relationship is holographic. When this condition holds, say, A and B are in resonance, the energy and power of C is now greater than the sum of A and B, but each of A and B individually can access this power at C, that is, 'channel' it through them or utilise the information. This applies in the same way to the synchronistic civilisation (see article on this) in which each individual can spontaneously access and utilise the whole of the civilisaion or collective. In other words, the individual's experiences and goals are hugely empowered by the collective in which other individuals' patterns of existence 'fit' and thus actualise those for this individual. Similarly in skills, say, piano playing, each finger is receiving not only its own information but simultaneously a hierarchy of information of increasing degrees of wholeness (spanning more time and space) up to the full development of the learning pattern for that short interval of movements.

Remember that the frequency of C is higher, and power is proportional to frequency (or rate of information). If we build up more triads the frequencies at the 'top' increases. Compare Figure 1 and 2. We see that the greater integration of elements in (b) will give more differentiation on the bottom line than in (a)---there are more A's and B's. For example, to attain greater independence of fingers (differentiation) one must achieve greater 'dependence' (integration) or unity of more movements in space and time---this is simply resonance of the electromagnetic units in the learning pattern (A's and B's).

The simple triad thus demonstrates both 1) positive harmonic processes of existence---the natural flows of energy, governed by basic non-mutated blueprints, and 2) with impairment of the triad---C not functioning properly---we have every conceivable form of negativity from selfishness to evil, to war-waging, energy shortages, illness, and a devolving civilisation.

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