March, 2007

Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Why non-experimental physics? Physics is the basic science and in an advanced civilisation everyone would study (creation) physics---it is fundamental knowledge---and, moreover, leaders would be top scientists. No one could doubt that the world is clearly in a state of chaos, but there are of course other avenues to approach world solutions, such as the development of healing systems, both mentally and physically, and also the potential elimination of suppression, manipulation and enslavement of a civilisation. Nevertheless they still amount to the same thing, that physics knowledge has the capability to achieve realignments of all deviations away from the ideal or optimum. This of course would be a long-term project.

Unfortunately the success of physics is not independent of the presence of suppression of knowledge, nor is it independent of a prejudiced, brainwashed, programmed, blocked and controlled state of mind. Physics has, however, the capability of giving the final say in all matters of explaining how things work. Since everything we can conceive of manifests as energy or energy patterns, including space or thought, the ultimate control of the environment and rehabilitation of a world would be achievable by understanding how energy works.

Note that we are not saying that an individual subjectively can't know without physics, but this is no good to anyone else if it is not in objective format (science)---meaning it can then be communicated to another and potentially understood---unless we had perfect telepathy. Also we are not saying that physics can explain everything, for example, the essence of art and music.

Why then is physics not used more in evaluating all kinds of truth, such as in behaviour or health? The reason is, it is stifled by scientific methodology. We might say firstly that with the advent of the experimental method came the hope of introducing a very positive method of determining universal truths. Unfortunately scientific methodology can be shown to be very limited when dealing with expanded systems and it is thus abused by the very fact that the public and scientists are being brainwashed with the erroneous idea that the scientific method is the only acceptable way of determining truth. Combine this with the statement that only a fraction of a percent of universal phenomenon can be proved by such objective experiments.

Even when scientific methodology is at its best it is nevertheless utilising physical senses which are subject to illusions, and is up against the limitations and sensitivity of instruments of detection and measurement. Quantum physics, which has been established as the most advanced science on the planet, has been telling us, almost since its inception, that when we make measurements of a system as in scientific methodology we, the observers, are included in the system. This means science is not measuring absolutes or physical constants, except that these 'constants' are unchanging over the range of the context of the experimental method. As we operate beyond this 3D spectrum, which consciousness is capable of, the physical 'constants' change their values (see article on the limitations of scientific methodology and self-referencing systems).

What we desperately need is the acceptance of a new category of science, which could be called 'non-experimental physics' (NEP). Keep in mind that physics is the basic science. This NEP does not prohibit the use of experiment but since only a fraction of truth can be determined by the scientific method there will be abundant applications for NEP. The requirement now would be that scientists have to use their minds to determine truth (all advanced civilisations are not dependent on the experimental method).

Unfortunately our educational system tends to disable the very faculties for the success of NEP, that is, the development of the right-brain attributes, such as intuition and imagination. Thus it would be vital that this was recognised and the educational system adjusted accordingly to support and run parallel with developments within NEP. Remember there is a great deal of truth in metaphysics and this has been achieved without experiment.

Initially one would expect confusions, even chaos and all kinds of hostilities. Scientists wouldn't agree on so many things and without experiments they couldn't seemingly be resolved. This would obviously be a long-term project as it would require a change in the educational system to free up the individual's inherent ability to access truth through intuition---the very reverse of what current teaching achieves. Nevertheless even during this period there would be applications of non-experimental physics which would be highly beneficial, and one assumes that those scientists opposing a theory would not object to seeing these benefits.

Let us now give three examples of the benefits of applying NEP to everyday problems, that is, problems which are both indicative of and a contributory factor in our deteriorating civilisation. The examples are: reconciling science and religion (covered before); the consequences of unethical acts; and simply the increase in bad language.

Let's take firstly the simplest and most obvious of these examples. A certain sign of the degradation of our society is the readily observable huge increase in bad language over recent years. It is even now being glamorized on television. However, this example serves the purpose of illustrating a simple application of NEP, which, if the physics is given sufficient respect would likely greatly influence for the better a population educated (programmed) with this information, preferably at a young age.

Quantum physics, the most advanced science on the planet, sees everything as a wave function or in general, as a packet of waves. We might note that this is very compatible with knowledge of a metaphysical nature and also within the New-Age field, which contains many channeled philosophical wisdoms surpassing those of our greatest human philosophers and scientists. We can now recognise that a word is a wave packet. For simplicity just envisage a bunch of since waves partly superimposed but for normal words these sine waves will tend to have a harmonious phase relationship, with a resultant smooth-looking wave. Swear words have the purpose of communicating or expressing hostility, offense, anger, frustration, aberration, and anything negative, including bad intentions. We know that thought is energy (has been proved) and thus the wave packets for bad language contains vibrations or frequencies which are not in mathematical alignment, that is, not harmonious with associated phenomena. There are out-of-phase since waves that consequently project out what we call negative energy. If identified on a specially adapted and developed oscilloscope one would now see a spiky resultant wave for such words, rather than a harmonious wave. In conclusion, this means all bad language, accompanied as it usually is by disharmonious vibrations makes a contribution to the destruction (or help maintain its negative state) of a civilisation. Thus this simple application of physics gives the public a concrete and believable guide to what is going on, and what is desirable or undesirable.

Next we will explain the polarity example (harmful acts), that is, polarities which extend beyond the structure of the universe to psychological states. The basis of universal structure is the particle and antiparticle. This is a natural polarity, that is, a duality---desirable in the sense that if these particles weren't kept apart the 3D world (of these particles) would disappear. Dualities, psychological polarities, have been described in other articles (see meaning of beyond duality). The next point we need to make is that all dualities, particles/antiparticles, positive/negatives exist as a result of a division of unity---a state of balance and unity. Unity can divide in different qualitative ways to provide opposites, both constructive and non-constructive (such as love/hate, victim/perpetrator).

The unity may not be observable or as observable as its constituents of the polarity (we detect particle and antiparticle but not their hidden unity). The important point here is that unity comes first (see article on the triad principle). The physics of the universe is that it tries to restore this basic condition of unity and balance. Negative psychological dualities are an imbalance, causing the focus of consciousness to go from one pole to, eventually, the other---the well-known 'swing of the pendulum'. An action of harming another person is accompanied by a division of unity (energy) into two poles. In this example this would be the victim/perpetrator duality, and this person is dramatising the perpetrator pole (harm to another). If the polarity is not restored by any other means: self-improvement, therapy, etc., one will get the swing of the pendulum and the negative action will return to one---an attempt by the universe to balance up the energies and at the same time provides karma and learning to aid the person in realisation as to what they have done. Thus there is no punishment from a God; only laws of higher physics.

Therefore as a general rule, what one puts out, negatively, will return to one, except that it will give mainly the swing of the pendulum until the person's (generally subconsciously) knows what both sides are like and allows alignment of energies to occur, with the restoration of unity.

Our third example has been covered in New Education Part III: Reconciling Science and Religion. A civilisation is as advanced as its understanding of the relationship between physics and religion. Here we focus on the conflict between the atheist and the religionist. Even though one is a non-believer and the other a believer they can be brought into agreement without either having to change their mind. This is achieved by placing the usual logic---Aristotelian, external, linear 3D logic (characteristics of separateness)---with internal, nonlinear logic, which forms the basis for the interconnectivity of the linear logic. One is quantitative (fragmented) and the other qualitative (of unity). Science needs to recognise inner space, and religion the proper meaning of 'within' as taught by Jesus Christ. When the physics of the Source within is accepted, atheists and religionists will realise there is no external God and that they both can agree on an internal Source and that everything began with One state---this is the highest degree of logic. Now true fractals are nested internally and go back to the One through a self-similar but expanding series (of degrees of unification). If a twig on a tree is the first fractal level, the branch it is attached to would be in inner space and accessed within, that is, through inner space and would correspond to the soul level---the Christian's 'Heaven'.

Thus by physics recognising the presence of inner space and relating this to the 'within' of religion and metaphysics, in particular, combined with the knowledge of an internal fractal system we can reconcile physics and religion and therefore the atheist and the religionist (see educational article on reconciling science and religion; also fractals, and the nature of unity).

Non-experimental physics could also handle physical and mental illness, neurosis and insanity, or just negative behaviour. Instruments would eventually be developed as a result of convincing theories based on observation and as much existing information as possible through true intuition. Negative behaviour and insanity would reveal misalignments in energies viewed on a screen as non-coherent wave forms. All psychological problems would reduce to physics with the potential of handling them. Although it would be possible for a civilisation free from suppressive elements to evolve without the need to keep ahead with knowledge, in our declining existence where chaos is orchestrated, it is imperative that we understand how energy works and apply it.

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