(July, 1998)

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Imagine a young visiting student to Earth, who is majoring in anthropology of alien civilisations, and who has some knowledge of the potential of the human species and a degree of familiarity with Earth events, but is relatively naive regarding first-hand experience.

After mentally penetrating the dense fog of negative energy encompassing the globe from the thoughts of this enigmatic civilisation his first perceptions might be of the extraordinary pervading complacency of humans and lack of interest in the very activity they are engaged in everyday: life, mind and the universe. The absence of curiosity and awareness would be puzzling to him to say the least, and the scepticism quite alarming. Following this would be the observation of the extraordinary inability to empathise or to feel compassion for other living creatures. Something would appear to be drastically amiss. In addition, what was this strange need to idolise or worship other sources of creativity or authority, whether it is a god or an Einstein? he might ponder; this desire to be led---in fact told what to do, or what is right. And the incongruous helplessness and irresponsibility with regard to lack of belief in self.

He would initially be at a loss to explain it and as he kept in daily contact with his own world he would encounter constant responses of utter disbelief from colleagues. It would not appear possible to many advanced civilisations that this human life stream on planet Earth could have brought on themselves such incredible limitations. The suffering, conflict, wars, short lives, diseases only corroborated the evaluation.

The student would undergo bewilderment at the strange conceptions, belief systems, and rigid and narrow outlook of this collective consciousness. He may arrive at some rather wild theories before returning to his own planet. But probably the most paradoxical observation is the simultaneity of human stupidity and ingenuity. They create hugely limiting laws and principles, believe them implicitly, denounce anyone who doesn't, but then manifest extraordinary brilliance with these limiting tools. The ultimate example, the student reports, is that of achieving space flight and a Moon landing by rocket propulsion; an almost impossible engineering feat which may never be surpassed---to restrict themselves to a reaction drive with implicit obeyance to Newton's Laws is the ultimate 'challenge', the alien concluded.

Certainly his conclusions would include, in particular, that human life on Earth was endowed with very limited free will---a paradox in a free-will universe---and furthermore that they had evolved some form of mental handicap, in particular, they were abnormally closed-minded. However, after reporting to his erudite mentors the student finds that they do not accept his evaluations and send him back.

Further figuring by this student, after he has studied the human brain, results in his theory that the brain was malfunctioning, or the DNA was deficient in strands for this species of consciousness, which he had been led to believe was well-placed in the computer-assessed galactic hierarchy chart of intelligent life forms.

He finally arrives at the conclusion that there is a massive imbalance in the brain operation, affecting the nature of consciousness. The species, quite amazingly, was operating almost entirely on the left brain as a means of understanding all experiential data---apart from a feeble effort in the appreciation of art and music (right brain). He now realises that as a result of this excessive left-brain activity, humans actually believe everything can be understood with this left-brain intellect and that they rate logic as the highest tool for understanding truth.

How odd, he would contemplate. Man on Earth must think that B always follows A---that's logical since that's what his alphabet rules; also that effects always follow causes. Yes, and that the past must cause the future, that virus's are the sole cause of disease---of course, he cognites, they think the universe, their environment, is objective---even their greatest scientist, Einstein, insisted upon it, contrary to their most advanced branch of physics, quantum theory---very puzzling!

After studying the human's means of acquiring knowledge---the media, education, science, etc.---he finds that their minds are being structured to store information about things, analyse and apply logic---with no regard to the fact that this is only objective, linear 3D logic, which only handles the surface and ego manifestations of experience in the form of various representations: symbols, models, mathematics, etc. They are tending to contract consciousness into structure rather than expanding consciousness.

He continues with his assessment. There is a tremendous absence of utilisation of natural, universal and spiritual principles and related perceptive abilities which result in direct experience---being in touch with the universe directly---except, he notes in the fields of art and music. But even these are being degraded. Art forms become more representational with over-emphasis on technologies (the Newtonian mechanistic influence), and intellectual adulterations in the form of messages and meanings are communicated which are replacing the aesthetic expressions. The aesthetic essence of musical structure is being chopped up with jarring, impacting rhythms in the popular fields, and there is over-intellectualisation and impressionistic representation in the modern classical areas. There is no recognition of the power of music over evolution; for example, their great classical works will raise intelligence and consciousness, but the lower-vibratory musical forms, which act like drugs, fragmenting consciousness and resonating with subconscious vibrations of a materialistic, egotistical nature, will arrest or retard evolution.

In the religious practices of the western world they have allowed themselves to be programmed with the notion that their power, or God, is external, instead of within, as taught by their spiritual leader, Jesus. What a perfect constraint to impose on their consciousness to prevent its freedom into greater abilities and attainment. Similarly, in the scientific fields man is programmed to believe that the universe is objective---external to self---which gives rise to interdependence of observer and observed, instead of the expected independence, which is a false notion anyway.

It is not surprising, he muses, that quantum physics is given dubious validity regarding its implied concepts, in spite of the fact that it is recognised unanimously as the most advanced branch of physics. Man is viewing his environment in an intrinsically disconnected manner by over-logical, left-brain activity, resulting in a weakening and an 'atrophy' of right-brain, inner-consciousness, intuitive perceptions---emotions are suppressed, blocking the connection between body and spirit, that is, higher fractals levels of consciousness. There is little sense of quality or the ability to know by means of the feeling centres, in which one attunes to the products of perception---being 'on the same wavelength'---the mechanism of which is revealed in quantum theory.

It is nevertheless quite amazing what man has achieved by this limitation, and the intellectuals deserve all the praise they can get with all their hard work, memorising, manipulation of symbols, creating models, arriving at hypotheses or conclusions and testing them with objective experiments, which unfortunately are subject to the same 3D logical contextual limitations of left-brain thinking and illusions of the 3rd dimension. They haven't recognised that any limited and closed system of knowledge will self-prove relative to its own context. Also it is obvious why women have been suppressed; they operate more on the right brain than men.

This race could learn so much from animals, which can read vibrations; and even children. But animals are considered dumb and, apart from pets, to be subject to horrendous maltreatment, with no regard to the presence of any consciousness, in particular, as products of the meat industry and targets for recreation in certain sports. They haven't even learned the physics of simple karmic principles that what you sow you reap; when one creates a duality by negative actions there is a debt---the opposite pole will express itself to experience one's own effects.

This civilisation is trying to learn and evolve by disassociating from its own fundamental creations, denying responsibility for its environment and universe, developing an ego-structure or personality, which says in effect, I'm over here in this body and everything else is out there and I must survive as well as I can. When the only true way to survive is exactly the reverse. What a disaster, or should one say a difficult challenge to set oneself. In a nutshell they are using an out-of-phase (non-resonant) method of behaviour to understand, instead of an in-phase condition.

They have allowed themselves to be programmed with a Newtonian reality instead of a quantum or holographic synchronistic reality. Look what has become of earthlings' competitive nature: an insane desire to win; to validate the ego, which is highly destructive, since the process involves blocking off the opponent's viewpoint; and a Darwinism reality of struggling to survive by separation in isolation, when the exact opposite is the true means for evolution of the mind and spirit. We on our planet wouldn't even wish to beat someone else.

Mankind on Earth has totally missed the point, which might be summed up by the following dichotomy: out-of-phase equals absence of luck; in-phase equals luck. An extension of the latter is the eventual development of a synchronistic holographic civilisation.

The negative forces have clearly done an excellent job of programming this human mass-consciousness with a Newtonian reality and a Darwinian belief system as opposed to a quantum reality in which the key is harmony and resonance through true integration (not composite; parts stuck together). All realities can exist or be created depending on the belief system.

The human must realise that the universe works on quantum, or higher-dimensional logic and multidimensional physics, and manifests perfection within its internal workings, whereas its surface obeys Newtonian physics, which is the 3-dimensional random universe, established by their scientific community. Furthermore, they don't realise that the development of the ego is symbiotic with the formation of the surface, out-of-phase Newtonian reality---the two are simultaneous and synonymous: ego and external world view (unaware of its connection to the inner-world/spirit).

The student confidently completes his thesis with the statement that humans have been steered away from their natural evolutionary blueprint and purpose by tools that have fashioned their minds into a limited structure, based on the 3rd dimension and its appropriate logic, which now formats (acts as a template for) function, their consciousness, or creative, spiritual essence. They must release their spiritual, intuitive faculties and break out of the hypnotic mould to escape from their self-imposed confinement by encouraging the ability to read vibrations of which all things are endowed; to develop a unity and qualitative science and thus ultimately embrace all universal information.

However, when the student returns to his home planet, although the Elders are pleased with his progress they tell him his project is much more complex than that and send him back. They are not satisfied until the student realises that much of what was happening on Earth was all part of a greater plan.

The conclusion was, it is probable that humans had---at the soul and collective level---agreed to explore the vibrations of energy and matter in the lower dimensions, in conjunction with an original allowance for the spread of negative forces. This planet has tended to become, in effect, a school, in particular, learning to handle negativity and transmuting karma. Though originally humans were the guardians of this cosmic sector, protectors of the Divine blueprint from negative exploitation. This was before the 'fall' of man. It is as though the human race has taken on all the unresolved problems in the universe; has explored all facets of negativity and discomfort throughout its long history. Much of this negativity has existed in pockets throughout the universe and has not been understood, just simply avoided by advanced races. At the unity level of all life, the human species will have unknowingly 'broadcasted' all the information of this exploration from Earth to the other races, contributing towards a universal understanding of negativity.

However, all the suffering wasn't planned and it has gone too far. It is time to wake up. This is what is taking place now.

The student engages in a final thought as he returns to his home planet: All that is needed is for humans, the individual and collective consciousness, to wake up to what is happening on Earth, rechannel the power of their collective state, and bring to an end the experiment, with a rapid resolution to all its problems.

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