(January, 2002)
N. Huntley, Ph.D.

This revelation will cause the most ardent conspiracy theorist to feel just how the naive public feels (including most academics) when they hear about conspiracy theories. It is another level of lack of information. We have a hoodwinked and utterly misinformed civilisation.

In spite of the official explanations regarding the WTC attack there remain many confusions and unanswered questions---in particular, how the towers fell. The British television put out a documentary explaining with some care how the buildings collapsed---too pathetic to review here.

Explosive experts will tell us the blast was an implosive one and could seemingly only have been created by skillfully placed charges in the buildings. In fact, obvious to physicists and engineers, the falling top section fell too fast and would have met with huge resistance in the lower sections, demolishing the upper falling section as rapidly as the lower section, leaving an intact tower, half the size or more. The heat from the crash wouldn't be sufficient to melt the girders and yet molten metal was clearly witnessed.

The fact that no public evidence of this was provided, we know only too well does not prohibit the above possibility. Furthermore, even firemen with all their experience of the debilitating effects that fire has on building structures did not anticipate the collapse of the buildings. Also comments were made by firemen that the amount of debris was not commensurate with the quantity expected from such buildings and that there was excessive ash (we shall see that this can be significant). Interviews and eye-witness accounts referred to flashes in the basement as though from explosive charges.

Even greater puzzles accompanied the Pentagon attack. Reports refer to the airliner actually seen striking the building but first ploughing into the lawn. But there were no furrows in the ground, and further two parked cars in the path of the plane were unaffected. Photographs show a neat hole in the wall of the Pentagon about the diameter of the plane fuselage, which must clearly have been created by a much smaller object. There appeared to be no signs of any aeroplane engines or tail, etc., amongst the debris.

For many years it has been known secretly that the government have advanced holographic technology; that, for example, a helicopter could project out an encompassing holograph of a larger plane; also sound could be suppressed (moreover the stealth invisibility technology has been achieved; it is not just radar invisibility).

The damage to the Pentagon was compatible with the effects of a much smaller plane, or missile. Furthermore, an extended holograph of the airliner would explain the lack of damage to the grounds and the cars. In addition, the question of even the valid presence of hijackers arises from evidence that these identified terrorists were found to be alive at a later date. Moreover there is advanced airline software that enables a ground controller to instantly interrupt a plane's computer system and take over complete control of the aircraft---even lights, locks, etc.---from the ground! This could even eliminate the need for hijackers.

Further information reveals that witnesses saw a much smaller white plane approach the building (but with blue and red stripe). However, it was deduced that this was destroyed by an armed helicopter; in fact a conclusion was that no plane crashed into the building. Several explosions were heard and the damage showed clearly that the explosions came from inside---windows and walls blown outwards, not inwards from an outside strike.

Any lack of verification of these reports is not of major concern here except to build the picture for a much more hidden and controversial scenario---a scenario which will invoke scepticism and ridicule from even the most ardent conspiracy theorists.

This astounding disclosure does not invalidate the possibility that the secret government was involved in the WTC attack, or whether or not bin Laden was working with the terrorists or, further, that software was used to control aircraft, or the recognition that explosives were used to bring down the towers. In fact, on the contrary, some or all of these factors could be at work. Thus any of these causes could have played a vital role in the careful planning of the event. The point is that some cover was required for the main event. Therefore we can know, as fact, that at least two events occurred, one a cover for the other.

These are all possible causes but what about motives that have been speculated? There is always the destabilizing effect on a community, or even the world, by the chaos and fear from a disturbing and malicious terrorist attack. A further motive for the necessary destruction of the towers was that the towers housed CIA offices that possessed sensitive documents on the gold loan made to the U.S. from China. Trillions of dollars worth of gold were stored in the basements. This was stealthily removed by 'garbage trucks' at night and loaded onto airplanes. Immediately following this the 9/11 disaster occurred. In 1933 the U.S. had needed a boost to restart their economy, and China, in a state of disorder at that time, needed assistance. When the 75-year lease expired, the gold wasn't returned. Thus the destruction of the towers would hide the evidence of the stolen gold.

Apparently the real motive for the disaster, and principal cause of why the towers fell, was that it was all part of a vital agenda of our old enemies (of historical significance), the invader extraterrestrials. This is not so strange when one recognises who the Illuminati secret government controllers are (see article: Neanderthal Man and the Illuminati).

This ET material is just a snippet of information and must be taken in the much larger context of an extensive source of highly technical ET material referred to as Keylontic Science, transmitted by A. Deane from the Guardians. Earth Speakers who transmit this information were prophesied in the Seth material in the early 1970s to bring in knowledge at times of crisis, such as today. This is not New-Age channelling.

Humans have been made blind by narrowing down their spectrum of awareness---this is what programming can do. If we take a brief look at physics---and physics is the basic subject---it does not take much imagination to recognise that our third dimension is formed from a particular spectrum of frequencies (basically scalar), just as our television picture is created by the selection of a wave band or channel. Switch to another wave band (spectrum) and you have another picture. Similarly if we changed spectrums we would change our reality---tune into another world, if one existed in that frequency band. ETs that are advanced enough to oversee us or interfere with our society will exist in higher frequency bands via inner space, including the astral frequencies---negative ETs more in the lower astral spectrum.

In other words, we do not perceive the activities of the aliens at the physical level. That these interpenetrating spectrums exist should be elementary physics. The only reason people don't know about this is because current science (as well as some religions, etc.) is another control dogma and is being manipulated to prevent ascension/evolution.

What is ascension? So-called Stellar Activations occur every Planetary Time Cycle, which has a period of 26,556 years (see Cosmic Map article). Towards the end of this period (in our special case, 2000-2017) Earth's vortex aligns with that of our Sun, then Alcyone (Pleiades), and those of increasing higher-frequency systems, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion and Andromeda. These systems are partly within one another---our solar system is within Alcyone's influence. For simplicity think of these cyclic systems as containing a bar magnet across their diameters. As they rotate, alignments can occur, forming one large 'magnet'. This is known as a Holographic Beam, which after completion of the ascension period, leaves the so-called Photon Belt Effect (see article: The Photon Belt Encounter), an immense region in space, radiating a cloud of electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum and beyond. The cloud consists of electrons and positrons that collide, creating radiation (photons).

Earth then receives this massive influx of higher frequencies from these six systems. If our planet is imbalanced---just as a criminal mind of low, fragmented frequencies can't stand harmonic high frequencies---cataclysms will ensue, in other words, a foundation for the so-called Armageddon. During these ascension cycles not only does the Earth change in frequencies (evolve) but the human DNA expands its spectrum of information. This is probably the most withheld information of our recent history.

There are several different groups of invader ETs (some of them are the gods of our historical records and mythology). They each have their own control grids of varying design within our Earth. Earth has a natural grid that manifests from its energy template or form-holding pattern, manifesting crisscrossing ley and axiatonal lines. The ET grids are implant systems used for broadcasting, programming and ensnaring our civilisation. Frequency patterns are radiated containing geometric intelligence, to which living cells can respond (read). There are also a few positive grids created by enlightened ETs to aid our planet. The power of the natural planetary alignment during the ascension cycles will activate these systems (see article on global grid systems).

The reason why these invader ETs want planet Earth is mainly because it is riddled with inner-space interconnections (portals, wormholes) enabling instant access to other parts of the universe and other dimensions in their ultimate goal of galaxy 'assimilation'. It represents a vast energy source for these parasitic ETs who have lost their evolutionary direction. One might think of the portals as central junction boxes linking different dimensions and even time matrices. The pathways exist in inner space but may connect to our external environment. Earth apparently does in fact have a privileged position of being in the vicinity of a principal portal (energy centre or stargate) and pathways, which comprise the blueprint of our time matrix (see articles on Holy Grail source and cosmic map).

Let's really stretch the reader's consciousness and test the academic mind's limitations by indicating that the nonlinearity of inner, subspace reality is also projected out linearly across our visible outer space but will manifest in a different format. A distant star at our level of perception could be a planet in a higher frequency stratum---the next universe level---which could be accessed within Earth's portals through inner space. It is time our academics began accessing their hidden, but educationally disabled, intuitive faculties to reveal the true design of our universe, instead of worshipping the simple illusion of the tinker-toy layout of the ego view. The universe really is the physicist's dream.

Where does the WTC attack enter into all this? It was necessary to give some groundwork here before elaborating on the explanation for the collapse of the buildings.

One of the many grid-type systems implanted into our Earth by invader ETs involves the spiking of seed implants (programmable mineral crystals) into the Earth; a little like embedding programmed microchips, which when activated by both the natural planetary alignment and also scalar sonic pulse technology (even from other planets through subspace) become a transmission station linking to other implant and grid systems (reference-1). They create a myriad of mini-wormholes connecting to, for example, the ET's large Phoenix and Falcon wormholes around the Bermuda area (hence the Bermuda Triangle mystery). Technically the spikes create scalar standing columnar waves (a Tesla discovery). When the spiking matrix is combined with other systems it would cut out man's higher perceptions and prevent any aid (at the non-physical level) from enlightened ETs. The spike seed implants are prevalent around the globe. Primary points existed under the WTC region and the Pentagon.

Sonic pulses, are used by these ETs to expand and activate their seed implants (referred to as Trumpet Pulse Spike Activations). Trumpet technology creates and projects very specific sound structures to desired long range targets . . . "Sound structures are specifically formed sub-space wave fields composed of micro-subatomic units called Mions" (reference-2); Mions represent the prematter transition stage between fundamental particles forming blueprints and atomic particles known by science. This technology is also capable of turning matter into ash. However, such a powerful technology would likely collapse structures on the surface. The ETs take particular care not to arouse too much suspicion and will go to great lengths to cover their tracks (hence the re-writing of our history)---in fact, seismological pulses (spikes) were detected deep down under the buildings immediately prior to the fall of the structures. The aliens had planned to achieve a 'double' by blasting the spiked grid system below the WTC and Pentagon to further establish their grid agenda; also provide a cover and achieve the desired war (as part of a bigger plan to eventually stir up WWIII). Thus any terrorists, such as, bin Laden (unaware of the ET manipulation), working with the government Illuminati (mainly ET infiltrated humans) provided the perfect cover, and also created conflicting conditions in the world, that is, a polarity, division, rather than a unity of nations by condemning those not specifically supporting anti-terrorism. We know that many of those not supporting the anti-terrorist coalition, suspect covert-government's involvement. Thus this major terrorist event was also a contrived 'trigger' for international wars.

Scalar sonic pulses can cause beams shaped like trumpets (hence the Biblical reference to 'trumpet') are so powerful they can create wormholes, and render matter turned to ash and dust. Towards the end of WWII the Germans developed an inferior form of a laser sonic beam---highly destructive at a few hundred yards but it had too much spread, creating dangerous conditions for both sides. Most of the German advanced technological ideas were ET-inspired.

The scalar sonic pulses sent along horizontal ley lines and vertical axiatonal lines that similarly have some spread were timed in relationship to other events when bringing down the buildings to minimise suspicion. The Pentagon (and many more significant buildings) was also built on the spikes. The pulses would be synchronised to strike those spikes underlying that part of the Pentagon during the intended plane impact (or organised explosions). This is not as difficult as it may sound using ET technologies (it would seem that there's always the possibility that this underground disturbance might not have damaged the building).

It might be added that the Guardians did in fact warn nine contactees around the world what the invaders had planned, who immediately informed appropriate authorities, only to be ignored---the information was considered to be a hoax.

Let us now add here that this WTC event was part of a major plan extending back many years. In fact, it was particularly related to the 1943 Philadelphia experiment and the 1983 Montauk experiment. Both these events, in 1943 and 1983, were assisted by the Zeta aliens but, surreptitiously, to provide the Zetas with a means of ripping a hole in spacetime, unknown to the manipulated humans. Wormholes were thus created to link up their underground grid systems, in particular, with the two wormholes in the Bermuda Triangle. The WTC event was a further step to bring on line their population control networks, to be linked to government (ET-inspired) systems, such as HAARP (see articles Philadelphia Experiment and Global Grid Systems and Mass-Mind Control).

How does Keylontic Science work? Briefly let us firstly present some grounding in basic physics. The universe is an informational system and its mode of information storage and transfer is frequency-coding. Everything from space to matter to spiritual phenomena is expressed in energies. All energy is fundamentally oscillatory or cyclic---represented mathematically by the sine wave. Thus the resultant of superimposed sine waves is an information packet representing any imaginable trait or condition (the quantum physics wave function is essentially realistic and not entirely mathematical fiction after all). Now just as we can build up thousands of words and concepts from only a few letters of the alphabet, life and the universe similarly have key code frequency packets or 'building bricks' (keylons).

The human mind can access these codes by mental ideation, also by sound and colour, sometimes movement, and in particular our DNA. Keylontic Science enables this by providing key symbols which when visualised create a frequency pattern that resonates with the actual codes of the living universe. Sound and movement patterns can also do this. Regarding the DNA, its frequency coding is linked to the planetary grid-system coding. Each can influence the other to produce change because of the holographic effect. Meditation on, for instance, symbols, can be used to realign Earth's codes and prevent artificially-manipulated pole shift.

The critical period is between the years 2000 and 2017, and by the completion of that time the fate of our planetary system will have been determined. Unless man recognises his spirituality, the inner-space dynamics, and that he is like a blind man on a battlefield, he will succumb to the descending energies.

(2012 update)

The '9/11' incident must be one of the most puzzling of its kind. In fact, as a brief summary, we might evaluate that the event has about four levels of data and evidence, causing one to arrive at certain conclusions, each providing a plausible solution---at least to some people.

1) There is the public level of information in which it is claimed that terrorists brought down the buildings with aircraft, which was immediately detected as a cover by many professionals or observant people, but a cover for what?

2) A large body of structural engineers, architects and scientists know from vast overall experience that such aircraft collisions could not bring down the towers. Moreover, the fires caused by the aircraft could not burn at much more than 750 degrees, insufficient to melt metal that required temperatures of about 1500-2000 degrees. The collapsing buildings were much more characteristic of a well-planned and timed series of explosions, giving rise to speculations of bombs being planted---utilising the high-temperature incendiary chemical, thermite. But what about the many unexplained features of the more bizarre effects, in particular, the quantity of ash and the missing volume of structural debris. (See Internet for references.)

3) Thus yet a further level of investigators were dissatisfied with the above efforts (in particular, the planted bomb theory) to provide an answer to all the causes. For example, vehicles were moved and lifted, some with partial severe heat damage referred to as 'toasting' with an abrupt and sharp division of the intact, unburned remaining body, characteristic of microwaves. Moreover there was the ever-present mystery of the ash and subsequent missing debris, a quantity not commensurate with the volume of material comprising the original building. Further examples of information incompatible with level-2 solutions are metal girders with localised melting, including firemen's metal-capped boots, but paper materials were unaffected.

The solutions for this level of explanation and causation suggested that scalar energies were deployed (scalar physics and technologies today are not taught in universities, but which could relegate nuclear weapons into a conventional class. Scalar beams can reduce heavy materials, such as used in building structures to ash.

This explanation is clearly much closer to the truth since it can account for all the destructive effects, including the incongruous ones. But how could scalar technology be applied without some leakage of information, revealing something of the strategy employed? Nevertheless, an important clue arises from the substantiated reports that two seismological spikes, normally indicative of earthquakes, were registered deep underground, beneath each of the buildings, precisely before the fall of each tower. (See Internet for references.)

These spikes are totally inconsistent with 'causes' 1, 2, 3, above. How can one account for a disturbance deep underground in relation to collapsing buildings when it clearly was not due to earthquakes?

4) We see then that the ET information provides a final piece of information that can account for all the scalar effects: rigid structures of buildings hugely compromised---a weakening effect from mild to severe, resulting in nothing but ash; the mental state of over 1000 persons, causing them to leap from the towers, and their bodies which exploded on impact with the ground; unburned paper attached to molten debris; the free-fall rate of the collapsing towers, in which the consecutively impacted underlying floors disintegrated with no resistance; firemen's melted metal toe-capped boots with no injuries (this is extreme localised heating). The scalar-sonic pulse technology of the intruder ETs is capable of creating all the above-described phenomena and more. (See Internet for references.)

As a final comment, after weighing up all the factors that could have brought down the towers we can't be sure if any one did without some contribution from the others. It does appear that the 'timed-explosives' explanation was sufficient to collapse the buildings, since this method included thermite, but it wouldn't be difficult for the ETs to wait for this and synchronise it with their activations, which may not have brought down the structures. However, the sonic blasts from the ET technology could have compromised the structural integrity of certain material as stated above.


1. Global Grid Systems and Mass-Mind Control, .
2. Guardian quote from Voyagers vol. 2 by A. Deane.

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