Re: Infiltration, Walk-ins
and Indigos
(October, 2002)

By N. Huntley

This material is presented with some hesitation since most people are unprepared educationally. Our outrageously inadequate, even debilitating, educational system formats the mind to understand reality as composed of separate particles, entities, and that this reality is always objective (separate from self). There is no framework in these orthodox teachings enabling one to understand unity consciousness or simply unity (holistic systems) of energy. Add to that the denial that consciousness is an energy in itself, and that it is not secondary to matter, as believed by the brain/body materialists.

[Relevant quote from renowned physicist Max Planck, one of the founders of quantum mechanics: 'I regard consciousness as primary. I regard matter as derivative of consciousness'.]

The result is that a person's mind is not formatted to understand the natural process of mergings of consciousness. The ego, based on polarity consciousness and separation, recoils from such a notion---actually experiences mental pain at the idea of consciousness combining and dividing. This is not weird and it is nothing to fear.

On advanced levels, consciousness is sometimes combined deliberately (and is also divided to become compatible with lower dimensions), just as hybridisations of DNA are created to combine traits. However, not only must higher physics be used to do this but such combinations or new templates must not interfere with the integrity and flow structure of life's blueprints---referred to as the Divine blueprint. Thus consciousness can be combined to enhance, repair and perpetuate the Divine blueprint or it can be used to distort this ideal configuration. The Divine blueprint forms a perfect basis for positive spiritual growth.

There has been abundant information about 'walk-ins' which at one time appeared to be mainly of a positive nature; an arrangement made at the soul level where the human wishes to give up their life due to illness or trauma, etc. and to allow an extraterrestrial (or human discarnate) to take over the body. This is a complex process and not done lightly. These walk-ins are on mission and have the purpose of aiding the planet. Nevertheless, there is an increasing degree of negative ET walk-ins or merely infiltrations and not of course agreed upon. Many negative ET walk-ins fail to make the substitution (the human may have a bad dream to this effect). In the case of infiltration, we have the phenomenon of partial merging of consciousness. This is the most common. If humans can be aware of this, or the possibility of it occurring, they can prevent it.

Let us attempt to give the reader some understanding, or a least an acceptance, of the phenomenon of merging consciousness. Consider person A and person B. Let's assume they bring about a high level of attunement between their respective consciousness. This could be due to long associations, past-life connections, same origin, or direct manipulation of genetics for correspondences. Person A and B are now thinking so much alike (partially or totally) that their similar consciousness can merge into one whole (in quantum physics, this would be a new whole, a new quantum state and wave function).

During this merging, each person doesn't observe the other's mind presence---only when the physical bodies are present and a comparison can be made. We are not talking about a few signal correspondences or synchronicities but the matching of a large part of the individual's frequency spectrum and coding. Let us take this to the extreme and suppose in the case of a very high degree of attunement, B volunteers to move from his body into A's mind and body. The two minds form a new mind C; not the two A and B attached to one another. This means A feels no intrusion; in fact feels just like himself or herself with various enhancements additions, memories, abilities. But what about B, where is B? Person B feels exactly the same---in a different body though. There is no intrusion. It feels just like B---to person B. The simple reason for this is that everything is formatted (is a programme) from the unified field---of infinite units (particles) of consciousness. It is the same consciousness. The same applies if the two consciousness' merge into one body.

If we wish to retain some difference, such as between A and B, that is, not all thoughts correspond, then each will retain this personal area unknown generally to the other, though more accessible to each if in the same body, since as soon as these different thoughts affect the common areas, such as moving the body, then the other would be in immediate attunement with these concepts. In fact a rapid adjustment would probably take place so that all extraneous differences that might conflict would harmonise and consolidate into common fixed patterns of behaviour. In the positive sense this type of merging is what occurs as we ascend, but this is not the subject of this article.

Thus infiltration of consciousness is becoming more common from, sometimes 'advanced', but negative ETs. Having some corresponding genes is apparently one way of making this merging possible. Interference from a single entity would be the most common, but there might be two or three present. That is, as many as three other entities might be infiltrating or attempting infiltration, or take-over, of a human. This has nothing to do with all the sub-personalities and consciousness fragments which we all possess from birth, nor is it so-called 'possession' which is usually caused by a more aberrated dark entity.

Mind-body infiltration from ETs, when successful, may not result in notable disturbances but the humans will now be under partial control and doing the bidding of these invader entities. Characteristics will manifest which are sometimes apparent to others, in particular, this will become more noticeable amongst media personages, politicians and people in authority. These people generally won't be receptive to any advice on this matter, will have no reality on it, and will in fact be under the dictates of the infiltrating entity. They will utterly deny it, and have no desire to change anything---their ego will generally be in a boosted condition.

The category in which we are interested, and which is quite common, relates to individuals who have noticed increased disturbances in their life---in the form of illness, of mental and emotional conflict, and bad luck. Note that some of these effects are due to merely DNA activations, in particular, during the ascension cycle, and not often of concern or anything to worry about. In other cases of DNA activation of people who are not spiritually aware and not making efforts in their own evolution and ascension and cannot tolerate, body wise, the nature of these changes, the subsequent illness or emotional disturbances may shorten their lives.

Anyone who is adept with dowsing, such as in using a pendulum can utilise this method of confirmation greatly to their advantage where infiltration might be expected. In using the pendulum one should ask their highest self (there is a hierarchy of selves) questions on whether an ET (or more than one) is present or interfering with one's energies. If readings appear unreliable, check for dowsing interference from ETs at that moment and if necessary ask the higher self to clear the interference. Then ask to clear one's space and remove the entity (one at a time). This should be repeated, say, morning and night, and whenever inclined, until a change for the better is noticed. Then check to see if it has gone. In the absence of pendulum assistance go through the verbal procedure anyway.

In addition to this, a more complex technique is recommended, given to us by the Guardian Alliance light worker ETs. It may appear long but once practiced it can be shortened considerably and executed in a few seconds.

This technique is called the Maharic Shield. The purpose of this technique is to recreate this shield or field in one's aura. It was once a permanent part of our field system and is described as a pale silver column of energy projecting from the centre of the Earth, encompassing the body and rising above into distant space. It contains 12D (dimensional) frequencies; components of consciousness in a state of unity, and unenlightened ETs can't tolerate it. A human also can't be abducted when this field is present. The reason why it can be achieved by present humans who are only operating on 1-3 dimensional frequencies is that each dimensional band has 12 subfrequencies. Thus the twelfth strand in each (1-3) dimension (containing 12 frequencies) is a subharmonic of 12D and can be activated in each of the existing strands by a special procedure to create a sufficient degree of this Maharic Shield for protection. [Reference for Maharic Shield/Seal: www.azuritepress.com/maharic.htm]

Lastly but not least we will briefly cover the so-called Indigos. Indigos have been birthing on Earth for about 200 years but much more so within the last 50 years. The term Indigo refers to the blue part of the spectrum of their different frequencies and higher DNA coding.

Humanity's origins began with the Turaneusiam experiment 560 million years ago (see article Fall of Man). This was the master race; guardians and keepers of the planetary complex. The original seed race for this experiment was the Oraphim. Thus humans may be referred to as the Oraphim-humans. Note that humans have completely forgotten their original purpose and who they were, and are now immersed in karmic purposes and clearing. Prior to the creation of this guardian race the previous guardians were the Azurites---a blue-skinned race with a greater number of DNA strands.

Human Indigos are the product of hybridisation between the Oraphims and Azurites and have been incarnating as part of the experiment to restore the 12-strand DNA and re-align the planetary system and time matrix. All Indigos have a strong purpose to aid planetary evolution and normally awaken to this purpose in adulthood, though subversive attempts (and successes) are being made by the fallen angelics to block this awakening.

There are three groups of Indigos, known as type 1, 2, and 3. Some two years ago the number of type 1's on the planet were in the hundreds. They have the highest DNA and always incarnate via walk-in agreements. They usually have early contact with elder race ETs and guardians and will awaken to their purpose of fulfilling advanced planetary re-alignment contracts. Type 1 has a potential 48-strand DNA and maximum potential of 48 codes.

Type 2 Indigos incarnated on earth with the purpose of raising consciousness of humans and contributing to the re-alignment programmes in assisting Indigos, type 1. Early childhood contact with ETs is not unusual. Type 2 has a potential 24-strand DNA and maximum potential of 30 codes.

The type 3 Indigo is more relevant to our discussion of merging of consciousness. These Indigos are part of an Oraphim-Azurite-Nephilim hybridisation programme to enable the Nephilim, with a reverse DNA template, to clear the distortions and restore their DNA in alignment with the Divine Blueprint (see Cosmic map article). Thus with type 3 Indigos, the Oraphim-Azurite human has agreed to this sacrifice and has willingly taken on the task of aiding the Nephilim to restore its DNA. (Note that the original Nephilim were the offspring of the biblical 'gods' (Anunnaki ETs) interbreeding with humans.) Type 3 has the basic 24-strand DNA template but correspondingly reduced codes, due to the hybrid arrangement, and giving a resultant 12-strand DNA potential.

Type 3 Indigos will generally experience conflict due to the influence of the Nephilim consciousness and the mutated DNA. There is an agreement that the Nephilim does not play the dominant role. Unfortunately at this time, the Nephilims are being influenced by the Anunnaki to take over control of the human body.

Although the procedures mentioned for handling ET interference will not get rid of the agreed-upon Nephilim arrangement, the Maharic Shield technique will tend to stop the Anunnaki infiltration in attempting to make the Nephilim contribution take control.

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