(May, 1998)

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D. 

The main body of this material is expected to evoke reactions of upset, scepticism, and even hostility owing to its content of exposing numerous major flaws in current knowledge, and for its nonconventional nature and, in particular, for indicating the negative elements, which have free reign on this planet. Nevertheless, it is in fact of interest to note these reactions, good or bad, for an evaluation of what kind of progress, or lack of it, this planet is making so don't hold back any opposition as a result of this statement; any attacks on these ideas are welcome. The subject of this text though is an extensive one, embracing many fields, and consequently the treatment of relevant topics will inevitably be somewhat discursive and very brief.

Extensive research in many appropriate fields reveals that a salient feature widespread on this planet is that of withheld information from the public. This suppression of knowledge, however, extends to include the establishment, the scientific community, and government. There is in fact a hierarchy of suppression and oppression.

Civilisation on this planet has been thoroughly programmed; often referred to as having been hypnotised, robotised, put to sleep, etc. As one might suspect, there is no proper education on the subject of mind-programming. One can do a doctorate in psychology as did the author, following a physics doctorate, and find the subject omitted and shunned. Programmed thought and behaviour entail structure controlling function, without function knowing this, and consequently function cannot observe or evaluate the bias, or prejudiced thought, or conduct. The power of programming in this respect cannot be over-estimated. The nature of programming varies widely from specific technologies to general; we shall only comment on the general kind.

All our principal sources of information: education, the media, science, etc. present knowledge which is geared in such a way as to programme man with left-brain thinking; a fragmented, Newtonian reality, an ego view of life and the universe, and simple linear three-dimensional logic. Our present science barely qualifies to be called a science. It is based on objectivity without any understanding of the process of observation. By demanding that acquisition of knowledge is only acceptable through objectivity--separating the observer from the observed--the ego view is invoked and the 'I'/not-'I' separation, in which observer and observed are locked in an interdependent relationship, not an independent one. The observation becomes contextual; what is observed is in the context of the observer--like the dog chasing its own tail. Buddhism has known this for ages.

The universe only feeds back the same level of energies involved in the perception. The ego view is consciousness contracted into the physical senses, duplicating an out-of-phase, non-resonant condition, which invokes the random view of nature and the third dimension. This ego condition also causes mass consciousness to create a Newtonian reality. This collective consciousness has unlimited power to create any reality according to the belief systems programmed into it--look at the power of hypnosis, based on beliefs, even in the individual, let alone the collective.

A Newtonian reality is essentially one of forces, enforcement, resistance, inertia, fragmented and non-holistic out-of-phase energies, leading to extremely inefficient energy generation, fossil fuels required, pollution and nuclear radiation, destruction of nature, conflict, etc. It is mainly set up by negative influences to prevent human's evolution--there are those who would want man to remain in ignorance. This is no slight, of course, on Newton's discoveries.

Logic is also a trap on this planet. All uses of the words logic, rational, etc. should be prefixed with the phrase three-dimensional. That is all it is; linear 3D logic and Aristotelian associationism, which not only has limited applicability but which eventually becomes a major stumbling block to the progress of knowledge. And since there is a symbiosis between knowledge (science and technology) and mass consciousness it also arrests evolution of man's development.

The universe does not operate on 3D logic but 4D logic and higher. For example, artificial constructs such as a motor car obey 3D logic, that the whole is equal to the sum of the parts. To understand the car, or all such mechanisms, one can break down the whole into parts, understand the parts, put them together and understand the whole. All of nature's entities, such as a cell, a planet, galaxy, atom, etc. are configured such that the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. The whole has a vibrational pattern in its own right, of which the particle or elements are subharmonics--lower frequencies. The whole is a quantum state and is the master control, but this whole in turn is an element of a still greater whole, etc. These are fractal levels!

We are now entering the domain of nature's computer system. Man's artificial computers are based on left-brain thinking, the Newtonian reality, and the encoding systems are arbitrary, relative, and essentially based on algebra. Nature's system is absolute, and its encoding system is based on geometry. It appears that only three or four variables are needed to handle all phenomena, 1) frequency, 2) phase angle of the oscillations, 3) dimensions, and probably 4) dimensional orientation of the oscillations. That is, all information is structural; the universe works on geometric intelligence!

Man on this planet is totally unfamiliar with this way of knowing or acquiring knowledge. This mechanism for understanding is related to the right-brain, inner-consciousness and intuition, which has been suppressed.

This faculty--intuition, spiritual perception--has been virtually eradicated in man and it is this ability that is the quintessence of true evolution, intelligence, integrity and knowledge. This innate faculty of consciousness is a mode of knowing and acquiring knowledge that has become alien to humans. We see a small element of this ability in animals. They are in tune with Earth. They see and sense information which escapes us. Forget the terms ESP, paranormal, metaphysics, etc.--which are in fact part of, and the basis of, everyday life--they are all programmed terms to segregate these phenomena from subjects, understood, so that they can be suppressed. We can reduce everything to physics known and physics not known.

Let us briefly compare our present mode of experience and method of acquiring knowledge with the above-mentioned innate faculty of higher-intuitive perception. Present man receives information from the environment across 3D space and time by means of processes and transductions involving out-of-phase, or non-resonant conditions. The mind of man makes copies--stores information in memory and learning patterns, etc.--and uses symbols logically to manipulate data and concepts. It is all representation. Consciousness is trapped in the mind; one knows something by looking at the mind, at mental-image pictures, etc. If one loses one's memory one cannot even recognise ones' own spouse.

The other, the inner-consciousness faculty, couldn't be more different. When released and developed, it will know by direct contact with the environment or a person's mind, etc. One would not need to look at a model of an atom but would perceive a real atom. The spouse couldn't be forgotten since he or she could be perceived fully and directly--no memory is required. This is all achieved by resonance. We are endeavouring to illustrate, in effect, the difference between a methodology of separateness or non-harmonic systems, that is, energy which represents a meaning, compared with energy, which is the meaning; for example, language in which a word such as chair is not the chair, compared with a sound for 'chair'which has the same approximate vibrational content as the chair, or object, and therefore resonates with it and becomes it (tunes into it). This was once the nature of our language.

Now every object, particle, planet, universe, personality, is a wave function! Quantum physics states that the wave function, which can be thought of as a group of waves or vibrations, is mathematical fiction. And it is, with the present formulation, in which countless orthogonals (dimensions) may be needed to describe a complex system. With modification our new quantum theory gives us a wave function which is a real entity. In addition, the waves are energy, not just probabilities as in current quantum theory.

The sine wave is the fundamental symbol-element of life, mind, the universe, and the spirit. A personality is an immensely complex electronic or quantum pattern/package/group of vibrations. Everyone has his or her own individual and unique spectrum of identity, or signature.

If any religious reader finds this notion disagreeable, the author can assure them that if they understood exactly what is being said here, and implied, they would welcome the ideas.

Thus wave functions in the mind can resonate with corresponding patterns within complex wave functions in the universe, providing an access mechanism for the release of information. This instantly creates a no-spacetime condition between these wave functions--they become one--and there is instantaneous understanding of the wave function's structured information. Consciousness is then being the information in the environment and can feel it vividly--as clear as we touch with our hands or see with our eyes. It is geometric--conveyed patterns of energy.

Now, the whole does not have to be broken down into parts to understand it. We already utilise this ability in an emotional non-intellectual sense, which manifests in the margin of consciousness, in apprehending music or art, and certainly processing the incredibly complex information within learning patterns involved in skills. These whole masses of information are grasped at once, that is, holistically.

Informational structures, akashic records, etc. are apparently stored everywhere. According to extraterrestrials, bone, stone and crystal have prolific storage mechanisms, not to mention water. And we know that cells (DNA) contain huge amounts of information. The Tibetans are said to hoard skulls of deceased learned Tibetans in secret vaults and can access the information in the bone structure by using sound.

To recapitulate, what we are stating is that on this planet we have been programmed to think and develop in the incredibly limited mode of utilising systems--the technology of the body senses (the five senses) and science--which indirectly enable us to access, manipulate, and apply knowledge only at the surface of life, or 3D level. This is achieved by the 'I'/not-'I' separation; a duality and polarity of ego and environment separation, which keeps us focussed on external phenomena. This creates the basis for 3D-logical limitations; it is non-holistic, resulting in reductionism and over-emphasis in the value of particle physics research.

The universe is basically structured from holistic or quantum states, in which knowledge is transferred, or communication occurs, by attunement. If we were conversing with another; let's say the subject was a particular individual, on the basis of the first system we would have to refer to the subject's name. In the second superior mode, it would not be necessary. The recipient of our communication would duplicate, regenerate (sense) the wave function of the subject projected from our mind, and would know who we were talking about. Furthermore, all patterns of vibrations have a sound, and in more advanced civilizations, the frequency-identity of the personality, or, in other words, the wave function is sometimes used as the sound for the individual's name.

In spite of what we have said regarding man being programmed, and the title of this article referring to the ultimate swindle, humans have allowed it to happen--though any awareness of this is now unconscious, relative to the lower-self or Earth personality. The unawareness element is due to the exaggerated ('vertical') duality or separation between lower-self and higher-self (soul or superconscious); there is insufficient effective guidance.

There are massive cover-ups on this planet: UFOs were at first debunked as the first phase of the conspiracy; the second phase was programming to create fear of extraterrestrials (ETs represent a principal source of help and salvation of this planet); there have been inventions, scientific and medical, which could have transformed the existence of our civilisation for the better; the political and economic scene is set up--we could have an economy beyond our wildest dreams; culture is being degraded; and history of the planet has been falsified; all to hold up man's evolution.

Nevertheless, mass consciousness is selecting this state of affairs. Evil has a duality. It can't exist on its own. Perpetrator and victim are locked in a holistic relationship. Each is creating one pole and in doing so creates the opposite. Cause and effect are interchangeable in holistic systems. A frame of mind which entertains hatred, revenge, or resentment, attracts a perpetrator--it must; all energy relationships are subject to advanced physics, and these are some of the programmes of nature's computer system.

Modern physics has no understanding of holistic systems. The reason, apart from negative influences, is that we have an ego-science, which means any observation of the incredible, holistic holographic systems (phase-correlated), which exist all about us, will be quantum reduced to the lower-frequency band of particle systems and out-of-phase energies (phase-randomised), when observations are made as per current scientific methodology.

The basic mechanism of the universe is holographic (4D and above). This does not require proof--which would be impossible to achieve anyway, completely objectively--but merely requires observation and understanding. The system is so perfect that it surpasses the most rigorous tests of truth in current physics; for example, supersymmetry, non-preferential axes, total generalisation, etc.

The negative forces, including intruder ETs, ensure that knowledge beneficial to the planet and civilisation remains secret. Let us give an example of a hierarchy of suppression. A pioneer, say, in the field of science or medicine has developed an invention to benefit significantly the public, but the principles of operation defy academic explanation. Firstly, there may be ridicule from reporters for the media. But they are only parroting their seniors who are operating within the limitations and programming of the intellectual establishment. The intellectual or academic level will attempt to destroy the reputation of the maverick scientist labelling his or her discovery as quackery. In turn, the academic community is over-seen by the powerful and invisible negative influences from the Elite rulers or secret One-World Government, who in turn are controlled by the Dark astral forces from the subastral planes. This includes invader aliens, such as the Anunnaki, Drakonians, Necromitons and Zetas. One should appreciate that all levels can act on the ones below either directly or through the hierarchical gradient.

Moreover, these negative forces operating via the subastral planes are overseen by the spiritual hierarchy of Light beings and positive forces, which could wipe out the negative forces anytime, except that the duality, good/evil, is required for learning and resolving problems (since the external world reflects the internal condition), and also that any physical confrontation could destroy Earth.

A small cross-section of ETs as a whole would be the negative aliens--in particular, the reptilians and Anunnaki--who have played a significant role in setting up Earth civilisation for full mind-control. The little Greys or Zetas are the lesser concern in spite of their massive programme involving countless abductions--which they call 'detentions'--and partial subliminal control over the human race.

Acccording to further channellings the Pleiadians are eager to aid Earth since they cannot progress or evolve further until we catch up. This is due to the fact that they are our early ancestors but split off, taking what one might call the positive pole, literally, in the duality with humans; and we took the negative pole. All dualities (dichotomies, polarities) seek wholeness or unity. However, their karma of no progress is due to some past tyrannical control of Earth.

They inform us that our planet has a principal role in a huge plan and experiment to bring together diverse varieties of aliens originating across the universe. The implications are that already the Earth grid system has stored within it DNA/blueprints of many species to enable the planet to provide a common frequency band for all, and establish itself as an intergalactic communication centre, or living 'library', for exchange of information. Earth has apparently been 'designed'eons ago with many way-portals (dimensional doorways, spiritual gateways, vortices, 'wormholes') to enable rapid distant travel. Attracted to these valuable features of Earth, the Dark forces took control about half a million years ago. Prior to this, a security system of informational structures was set up to enable light workers and humans to trigger the release of these energy patterns to aid in regaining control over the planet. This will produce an acceleration of human evolution, with further positive influences from other sources such as harmonic convergences, the photon belt, continuous transmissions to Earth of cosmic energies, solar flares, and of course the ascension process (of the natural stellar activation cycles), etc. There are ET factions, however, who wish to exploit this 'living library' (in particular, the human DNA) for their own selfish gains. This group includes certain hybrids posing as Pleiadians.

The basic and universal subject is physics, in particular, since the universe, life, and mind operate on geometry and advanced holographic computer systems. Anything one could ever imagine is expressed as energy, and all energy is oscillatory. Thus fundamentally everything comes under the domain of physics explanations. In an advanced civilisation even politicians and, in particular, a president or prime minister will be a top scientist. Also, as we have implied earlier there will be a reconciliation of physics and religions in the form of a spiritual science. Moreover, if a few positive, knowledgable people obtained control over the televisions throughout the world, significant reprogramming of collective consciousness could take place with dramatic beneficial results in a matter of a few months.

The anticipated goals for our civilisation and this planet will eventually be achieved whether it is sooner or later, but not before the natural spiritual selection occurs in which individuals of selfish disposition, criminals, the obsessed, and the incorrigibly skeptical, with fragmented, low-frequency spectrums will be 'separated'from personalities of higher vibrations who will respond positively to the catalytic actions of the photon-belt encounter and planetary ascension cycles, expected to occur between the years 2012 to 2017.

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