Creating screen shots

We often need to grab screenshots for using in assignments. This page is aimed at making the process easier.

Method 1


This method uses the functionality built into Windows.

  1. Arrange the active Window, the window you want to grab an image of, to show the content you need and at the size required.
  2. Press Alt+Print Scrn - Nothing will appear to happen
  3. Go to wherever you want the image, a Word document or MS Paint or some other image manipulation application.
  4. Press Ctrl+V (Paste) and bingo bango there is your screen shot!
  5. In an image editor you can trim the bits you don't want and save the screen shot as an image.

Click here to download an example

Method 2

Download one of the many free tools that will do the job. I use Screenhunter 4 from Wisdom Soft. This handy little tool stays resident in the system tray and is invoked with a "hot key". It has the advantage of being able to grab the cursor and menus, alt+print scrn won't do that.