Some T171 tutor sites


Michelle Dewey

Michelle Dewey is another Region 13 tutor. This site makes good use of graphics and has some valuable tips on studying with the OU.
Liz Thakray Liz is a T171 tutor in R13 and has some great links to HTML tutorials.
Wendy Clark Wendy is a survivor of the pilot presentation and Assistant Staff Tutor in region 13. Her site covers a great deal more than T171 and is an invaluable source of information and links about organisational dynamics and management. Great layout with clear links and cool design.
John Woodthorpe John's site looks at some alternative operating systems.
Bob Buckley Bob is a tutor in Newcastle.
Michelle Hoyle A great site with a lecture covering the history of computing from Stonehenge onwards. 
Mike Hall Another R13 tutor with some excellent hints and tips about studying T171.
Chris Bird This site is loaded with goodies!
Steve McGowan Another R13 tutor and a great looking site with some superb content.
Hilary Atkins  
Roger Beaumont Roger's site includes information about M206 and M301 as well.
Veronica Yuill Veronica also has a search portal that searches tutor sites - a definite bonus.

Other sites

These are more general sites which may prove useful.

This is a site by and for OU people. This particular links goes to the "Student Experience" section but the site itself is growing at an amazing rate.

This is a superb site aimed at Distance Learners using the Internet. It includes the following quote:

"Think about the magazine section in your local grocery store. If you reach out with your eyes closed and grab the first magazine you touch, you are about as likely to get a supermarket tabloid as you are a respected journal (actually more likely, since many respected journals don't fare well in grocery stores). Now imagine that your grocer is so accommodating that he lets anyone in town print up a magazine and put it in the magazine section. Now if you reach out blindly, you might get the Elvis Lives with Aliens Gazette just as easily as Atlantic Monthly or Time. Welcome to the Internet..."

From Evaluating Internet Research Sources by Robert Harris, Professor of English, Southern California College.

So who do you thinks this is?
This is a lovely list of 71 computing pioneers. You may not agree with who they have included (or omitted) but it is a good starting point when looking for information about who did what.
These guys were given a Web design "Master Class" in PC Plus. Check out some of their interesting ideas.