This is where all the cool HTML stuff is. Learn about tables and frames and colours and HTML tutorials - gasp at some simple tricks using JavaScript and browse for a book or two. Finally, check out a list of HTML editors including some great freebies available for download Frames are not necessary in T171 but questions are always asked so here is a brief introduction to them Tables are probably one of the most important techniques in web design - here is a little demonstration of what might be done using them A tricky subject that I have tried to unpack This is where the HTML links are - some great tutorials available on-line Course and HTML related books Shows something of what can be done with JavaScript A list of HTML editors including links to download sites for freebies/shareware Some quizzes related to the course content Please take a moment to let me know what you think of the site Trying to handle these pesky things Great piece by Liz T. For more of her stuff visit T171 students need to use a compression utility and this superb document by Liz T explains how Some help with surviving OU study Student sites, tutor sites and some useful general sites (about Distance Learning) Hints and tips to hep you face the dreaded exam Tips for preparing and submitting TMAs