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Full Coverage of the National Curriculum

Quality Educational Software which is interactive and entertaining and is ultimately designed to motivate students to learn at home or in the classroom.

The GSCE range is designed to stimulate learning through exceptionally illustrative and interactive tasks, providing coverage of the entire National Curriculum syllabus for each subject. More than just revision CDs, these programs effectively illustrate and reinforce the material that students are learning in the classroom. To provide a diversity of teaching methods, activities are delivered via mock examination papers, numerous questions with model answers and simulated laboratory experiments (depending upon the subject).











This CD-ROM covers key English skills outlined in sixteen comprehensive chapters. Exercises are included in each section and teaching points are presented periodically to provide helpful hints. Students can also attempt games such as "Pool Table plurals" and "Fruit Machine Spelling" in the Amusements section. These games reinforce spelling and grammar lessons in a fun and interactive manner.

Informal Letters.
Play Scripts.
Persuasive Descriptions.
Report Writing.
Formal Letters. Diaries.
Giving a Talk.
Fact vs. Opinion.
Notices. Leaflets.
Letters of Complaint.
Essay Writing.
Writing an Account.

Learning Games

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The GCSE Maths package is divided into two volumes titled "Shape, Space and Number and Algebra and the Handling of Data". to help students absorb the material covered in each section and to maintain interest in the program, a range of questions are put forth in various manners. "Drag and Drop" exercises, numerical calculations and multiple choice questions are a few examples of the types of activities that students will encounter when using these CD_ROMs. Virtually all of the exercises provide immediate feedback.

VOLUME 1 Shape, Space & Number:

Pythagoras's Rule. Right Angled Triangles. 3D Geometry. Sine and Cosine. Geometry of the Circle. Shape, Area and Volume. Vectors and Matrices. Transformations. Advanced Number.

VOLUME 2 Algebra & Handling of Data:

Foundations for Algebra. Collection, Analysis and Representation of Data. Graphical Methods. Use of Charts. Probability. Statistics. Interpreting Data. Non-linear Equations. Trial and Improvement Methods.



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Map Skills and physical Geography elements of the GCSE Geography syllabus are explained in a visually stunning manner. Students will be completely immersed in the learning process through the use of engrossing interactions. Widespread incorporation of the latest OS 1:5000 and 1:25000 make this product truly relevant to modern Geography courses.

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  • Causes of the First War

  • The First World War
  • The Russian Revolution
  • The Treaty of Versailles
  • Wall Street Crash, Depression, New Deal
  • The Rise of Hitler
  • Soviet Union under Stalin
  • Life in Hitler's Nazi Germany
  • Causes of the Second World War
  • The Second World War
  • The Cold War
  • Indian Indepnedence
  • Arab-Israeli Relations
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Civil Rights
  • Vietnam




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Music Theory from beginner level to that required for GCSE is covered in this remarkable and easy to use program. The user is continually involved in the learning process through exercises that utilise both sound and diagrams. As well as being appropriate for GCSE students, this CD is suitable for all musicians and singers who wish to develop their knowledge, including those studying for Associated Board exams.


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A multi-volume set consisting of three titles: 'Life Processes and Green Plants', 'Humans as Organisms' and 'Inheritance, Evolution and the Environment' covers the entire National Curriculum Syllabus for GCSE Biology. The comprehensive lessons are supported and enhanced by the illustrative diagrams and animations. To aid in the revision process, examination style questions with worked solutions are included. The GCSE Biology set is suitable for students studying GCSE - Combined Science and GCSE Biology as a single subject.

VOLUME 1 Life Processes & Green Plants:
Transport & Water Relations / Control Movement & Growth / Photosynthesis / Mineral Nutrition / Osmosis / Enzymes / Cells & Chromosones / Life Processes

VOLUME 2 Humans as Organisms:
Nutrition & Digestion / Circulation / Respiration & Breathing / Co-ordination & Control / Movement / Reproduction / Homeostasis / Health

VOLUME 3 Variation, Inheritance & Evolution:
Evolution / The Hypothesis of Evolution / Inheritance / Human Genetics / Populations / Energy Flow & Life Cycles in Ecosystems / Humans 7 the Environment / Variation / Biotechnology


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The Guardian Education
Probably the most ambitious and successful in terms of punchy graphics and imaginative use of the medium is Key Stage 4 GCSE Series, which marries fun and learning in an innovative way.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel for GCSE students ...detailed clear and informative, this package is certainly worth using.
The Association for Science Education
One of the better multimedia packages that I have ever seen and reasonably priced.


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