Welcome to Numberton

Welcome to Letterby


Key Stage 1: Ages 4 - 7

Math Skills

£14.99 inc vat

This program provides an inviting and attractive environment for children to practice their Key Stage 1 maths skills in.

Children will meet the Numbertoons, a tribe of small, friendly, intelligent robots whose lives are dedicated to making sure that numbers always have the right value.

By helping the Numbertoons children gain essential experience with core math skills such as number, shape and pattern recognition, adding and subtracting, simple multiplication, sorting and classifying and the use of symbols. The activities also encourage children to think logically and to apply previously gained knowledge and experience to new challenges.

Most of the activities provide a range of 'difficulty levels'.

Improved performance is rewarded with credits that can be used to access a selection of fun 'bonus' activities in the Numberton Mini Mall.
The helpful Numbertoons are always on hand to offer advice and guidance.

So many fantastic machines - balloon shooter, polygon pool, egg sorter, shape matching machine, burger bar and more.

What a terrific way to learn!

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Key Stage 1: Ages 4 - 7


Welcome to Letterby provides teaching material and interactive testing at level 1 of the National Curriculum in England, making it an ideal tool for classroom and individual learning. The product has been designed to focus on both the content and style of the Standard Attainment Tezst (S.A.T.) at Key Stage 1

£14.99 inc vat

Octopus is always impressed with Aircom products and this is no exception.


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