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Magic Circus


Kids Town



Ready for learning
Ages 2 - 4

All aboard! Follow the circus train to 10 fun pre-school activities that build essential skills for early years learning!

Including 2 Activity Books

Nursery school children can begin to learn with computers in their first year of education and enter primary school feeling confident about incorporating computers into their everyday learning practices.

Specially designed for children to teach them the skills they need to prepare for nursery and school while at the same time helping them build confidence and develop a lifelong love of learning

    With Magic Circus your child will learn:

  • Colour & Shapes

  • Letters & Letter-sounds
  • Matching & Memory
  • Music & Rhythm
  • Numbers & Counting
  • Same & Different
  • Sequencing
  • Sorting & Size

Key Benefits/Features

  • Teaches over 30 skills in 10 fun filled activities

  • 3 levels of difficulty so children can learn at their own pace
  • Includes easy to use matrix for the tracking of children's progress and to guide them to specific activities or join in their learning fun
  • Print kit including over 50 pages of puzzles and pictures
  • learning numbers, shapes, size, memory skills, listenig, sorting, sequencing, mouse control skills, and much more.


£19.99 inc vat

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Age 3 - 6

In Toyland a fantasy of fun comes true for young children as their favourite toys come to life and teach them important skills in this activity centre.
The skills they will begin to learn include problem solving, following instructions, visual and critical analyses, completing letters and number strings, numbers and letters, music, shapes and colours.

Key Benefits/Features

  • Contains 6 fun activities based on Fisher Price's most populat toys

  • Choice of 2 play modes - to discover by themselves or be guided by their toy friends
  • Creativity skills such as drawing, building, decorating and singing development
  • Enbables monotoring of activities with help from skills matrix
  • Print out of children's creations/projects
  • Children will learn many creative activities in the all in one workshop


£19.99 inc vat

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Ages 4 - 6

20 fun activities in Kidstown develop the skills that children need to get a head start in pre-school.

Kidstown is one of the few CD-ROM titles which encourages children to learn the essential skills to get a head start at school.

In kidstown children will learn through play. Kidstown also builds confidence and develops a lifelong love of learning.


Key Benefits/Features

  • Teaches over 30 important skills in 30 fun filled activities

  • Eaasy to use matrix to track children's progress
  • Print kit containing over 50 pages of puzzles and pictures, 300 word dictionary
  • Valued learning skills including alphabet and letter rrecognition (over 300 words), also numbers, shapes, calendar concepts, memeory skills, problem solving, safety, manners, directions and how to follow them, use of telephones and how to wrtie their own name and address
  • The fun loving inhabitants of Kidstown will guide children through the learning process

£19.99 inc vat

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