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Classic Literature and Multimedia Learning Technology Combine for the Ultimate Educational Reference

BookWorm is an entirely new way of teaching and learning about literature which combines the power of multimedia with the rich tradition of the conventional book.

Classic works of Shakespeare, Byron, Shelley amongst others are brought to life on your computer screen utilising video, CD Stereo Sound and detailed graphics. Original texts, coupled with hundreds of hours of academic research, are presented in dynamic hypermedia format, to bring literary masterpieces to life, enhancing the learning experience and improving understanding.

Students can read, use references, take notes and write papers simultaneously - achieving more in less time. In addition they can navigate through information using colour-coded hyperlinks or the index.

Included in each Book Worm Title is a Book Worm Reader (containing the most powerful authoring tool on the market) which offers students the opportunity to customise their Book Worm books, creating their own multimedia critical editions, adding sound, film discussions, notes and other text as they view it - in addition to the publishers notes provided! Also included with each CD ROM is a complimentary paperback edition of that particular title.

Despite its power, Thew Book Worm Library displays a remarkable ease of use - being designed to serve the reader and to celebrate the literary work, by using the motivational impact of interactive multimedia.


Individual Titles:

Hamlet . Macbeth . Midsummer Night's Dream . Romeo and Juliet
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn . The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Scarlet Letter
The Awakening
Little Women
The Artistry of Henry James

CD-ROM Win 3.1/Windows 95 £19.95 inc vat


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Inside the Vatican

Narrated by Sir Peter Ustinov

Adapted from the epic television series, this incredible double CD-ROM package sets out to explore and uncover the grandeur, glory and power of the Vatican.

Sir Peter Ustinov is your guide through priceless treasures, works of art, rich music and legendary historical figures who have all come to define the Vatican's place in history. Filmed in a variety of locations across Europe, including rare footage from inside the walls of the Vatican, this multimedia masterpiece combines the informed and incisive text of Oxford University's Dictionary of the Christian Church. Experience at first hand through easy to navigate interface the Cardinals and Kings, martyrs and miracles of a faith and institution that continues to inspire untold millions around the globe.

CD ROM Win 3.2/95 £29.95 inc vat

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