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Who put the fun into music fundamentals? Winner of 26 awards and honours.

Music Ace is a fun, engaging and non-judgemental music education software resource which is designed to provide an introduction to music fundamentals and theory for musical novices - young and old! Following the friendly direction of Maestro Max and his choir of Singing Notes, students participate in 24 comprehensive lessons, play a variety of challenging games and compose and listen to their own music on the innovative Music Doodle Pad.

Ideal for beginning music students
Lively animations and colourful graphics
Reinforces traditional music instruction - any instrument
Easy to use, self-paced learning
Concepts come to life before your eyes & ears
Review progress easily
Use at home, school, or studio

The 'Music Doodle Pad' allows even beginners to easily compose and listen to their own music. After completing each lesson with Maestro Max you will be challenged to play an exciting game that will sharpen and reinforce your newly acquired music skills.

"Music Ace is excellent! The Music Doodle Pad alone is worth the price." -Dr. Peter Webster, Music Education Professor ~ Nortliwestem University

All engaging and creative way to learn music fundamentals. I highly recommend Music Ace." - Dr, Judy Bundra, Chairperson. Music Education Dept. DePaul University.

CD Rom Win 3.1/Windows 95 £29.95