Art & Design

KS 1 - 4
Scottish A - E

Flying Colours

The very latest in graphics technology for learners.

Flying colours is the first all-in-one painting and drawing program, available for both Windows 95/3.1 and all Macintosh computers. Flying colours provides children with a way of creating and manipulating images with a versatility not available through the use of of traditional media.

Its configurable features allow artists of all ages and abilities to start and progress at an appropriate entry level. Children can begin by concentrating on a limited range of features, and then gain confidence by combining and extending the range of features they use. flying colours is suitable for use with children as young as KS1, yet produces excellent results with children at KS3 and above.


Pictures created using pre-drawn backgrounds

A superb tool for the 'Communication Ideas' strand of the IT curriculum.

Flying colours offers many powerful and imaginative editing facilities including patterns, colours, gradients, stamp tools, symmetry tools, masks and stencils.

Flying Colours also comes with a rich set of step by step spoken tutorials and animations to help children of all abilities easily to understand each tools and also see the possibilities demonstrated by a confident, experienced user.

Unique in this kind of product is the ability to capture the history of a painting, from the very first step, and to undo each last step. Many other clever and satisfying 'detail' touches make this a high quality 'child engineered' product in the established tradition of the very best Logotron educational software.

The tools are similar to that of a universal drawing program and are seen in art packages like Adobe Photopshop and Logotron's own, the Big Picture. All the tools provided are configurable, which will allow children of all ages to start creating pictures quickly and easily.


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