The History of the Universe
Ages 11 - adult
Curriculum Compatible for Physics

Great graphics amazing animations and narration which makes complicated science child's play, this is the answer for anyone who wants to discover how our Universe works.
The "Ideas" section covers the interesting ideas and phenomena in the workings of the Universe: Gravity, Relativity, Newtonian Mechanics, Black Holes, the Big Bang...
"Brain Elastic" explores some of the really interesting questions such as "How old is the the Universe?" "How can there be more than three dimensions?" and "Why haven't we seen aliens?"
Use the "Personal Digital Assistant" to explore some deeper issues about science and scientific process.
Then test your understanding using the Thinking Section. It will stretch even the most capable of science pupils and home users.

The History of the World Educational Pack
This pack is designed specifically to help science pupils and staff make full use of the CD-ROM.
This highly imaginative pack contains innovative curriculum related activities and projects for Key Stage 3 and 4 Physics and beyond.

Special Features

  • Over 70,000 words, hyperlinked.

  • Glossary with over 280 terms.
  • 75 interactive narrations with 50 animations to explain difficult concepts.
  • Two timelines covering the entire history of the Universe and our understanding of how it works.
  • Tests and activity ideas for Key Stage 3 and 4 and A level.
  • Link to a Web site to keep you up to date with the latest discoveries, expand on themes covered in the CD-ROM and link you to other great sites.

"This must be one of the best value titles this year. Stacks of information, well presented and easy to access. The Times, UK

"... Finally I attempted the quiz. I did brilliantly, which speaks volumes for this excellent CD-ROM."
The Daily Telegraph, UK

"A thoroughly enjoyable and addictive CD that gives a new edge to education and learning"
PC World, UK

"This CD is truly inspired. It is how multimedia ought to be."
Software and Games, UK

£19.99 inc vat
Educational Pack £34.99 inc vat

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The History of Life

Suitable for ages 11 - adult
Curriculum Compatible for Biology

Life: Where does it come from and what has been up to until now?
The History of Life poses some of the big questions that fascinates us all and provides a multimedia journey through the big topics.
This second stunning title is sure to be popular with everyone who wants to know more about science. With the same quirky humour that made
The History of the Universe so popular. The History of Life will make light work of understanding topics such as evolution, memes and the origins of humankind.

Special Features

  • Ideas Section, covering core concepts

  • Brain Elastic section, tackling key mind stretching questions.
  • Two timelines.
  • Educational section, ideal for Biology ages 11 - 16.
  • Life Games, featuring life simulations.
  • Personal Digital Assistant supported by a comprehensive glossary.

Discover Evolution, Genes, DNA, Charles Darwin and the Origins of Life. Give your mind a workout with questions such as ''What is Life Anyway?' 'What Will Aliens look like when we see them?' and 'Are Humans Inevitable?'

The Educational Pack...
is designed to help science pupils and staff make full use of the CD-ROM. The pack can be photocopied and includes Worksheets for Key Stages 3 and 4 and A level Biology. Answers to the Worksheets are also included.

£19.99 inc vat
Educational Pack £34.99 inc vat

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Introduction In Business Studies

Ages 9 - 16

Business Studies teaching program

An interactive simulation designed to provide students with a close-to-life experience of setting up their own business.

Jenny Pepper wants to set up a Pizza business. She has to persuade the bank to lend her the money she needs to set up the business. So she needs to produce a business plan; and this is where you, her consultant, come in.

From the point when you log on and decide the business name, you are responsible for critical decisions such as identifying the market, setting up the business, choosing staff, working out the costs and marketing. Instructed by the Guide, helped by Brains (who is fairly streetwise but often doesn't know the theory) and armed with a calculator and a glossary, it's up to you to complete different sections of the business plan which will persuade the bank or otherwise.

At the end you find out whether Jenny manages to get her bank loan.

Special Features

  • A complete multimedia business studies course.

  • ideal for group use.

  • Glossary explaining key terms

  • Extensive Teacher's Pack to accompany the CD-ROM.

£19.99 inc vat

Educational Pack £34.99 inc vat

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