John A. Oates: "No brothers loved each other better"

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The following sites have useful information on the 15th Alabama and/or the 6th Alabama:

Alabama State Archives (includes Willis Brewer's Alabama: Her History, Resources, War Record, and Public Men, From 1540 to 1872 [1872], with sections on the 6th and 15th Alabama)

History of Law's Alabama Brigade 1862-1865

15th Alabama Company G (Maine based re-enactor unit)

6th Alabama (includes a series of letters written by Michael Holmes, a member of the "Henry Grays", John's Company)

The Gettysburg Discussion Group site has a photograph of and discussion about William Oates (with mentions of John and a photograph of the rock on Little Round Top close to where he is thought to have received his mortal wounds), and a transcription of "Gettysburg - The Battle on the Right".

This essay on William Oates by Glenn LaFantasie contains several references to John.

William Oates' Official Report on the 15th Alabama's fight at Gettysburg is on the Longstreet Chronicles site.

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