John Blow

Ode on the death of Mr Henry Purcell

RCA Victor D 134250 or
Sony Seon SBK 60097

Track listing

  1. Ode on the death of Mr Henry Purcell

Songs from Amphion Anglicus

  1. Cloe found Amintas lying all in tears
  2. Why weep Asteria?
  3. Loving above himself (poor Celadon)
  4. Shepherds deck your crooks
  5. Ah Heav'n! What is't I hear?
  6. Epilogue: Sing, sing ye muses


Nobuko Yamamoto and Nelly Van der Speek (Sopranos) James Bowman and René Jacobs (Countertenors) Marius van Altena (Tenor) Max Van Egmond (Bass)

Marie Leonhardt and Antoinette van den Hombergh (violins) Anner Bylsma (Cello) Gustav Leonhardt (Harpsichord)

TT 48:35

Recording - Doopsgezinde Kerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands ; 1973

Notes - I would like to thank Philippe Gelinaud for his help with this entry

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 16 March 1998