The Twisted Spoke
(And didn't they go on...?)

Being the official organ of THE FLAT SECTION, the informal gathering of cycling fellows in the Eastern Reaches of Eastengland, including Suffolk, Norfolk and most of Essex



By our Southwold Reporter

News just in of an impromptu 2 hour ride is being rushed to eager recipients of The Twisted Spoke (readership in the dozens).  It is believed to be taking place on Saturday December the 29th, meeting at Marlinspike Hall, Walpole, near Halesworth, Suffolk.

But look, there's more.  This unplanned ramble starts at 1:00pm and should return by 4:00 (dusk) in time for a special showing of the film 'The Iron Men' on a genuine 16mm projector.  This Epic (of 55 minutes) was made in the early 1970s, and concerns early exploits of the Raleigh Racing team.  See the frames being made!  Marvel at the funny ties!  Swoon at the stupid haircuts, and try and work out just who is in the lead.  It's in colour, it's essential.

That evening the Walpole Minema will be showing 'Kind Hearts And Coronets' in the same venue at 7:00.  This will be heavily oversubscribed, but, should any cyclists be keen enough to stay on, please RSVP as soon as possible to Cally on 01 98 67 84 664, and we'll see if we can shoehorn you in.  There is a £2.50 charge for this and you are expected, nay, obliged, to bring along some wine and snacks.


Rumours of a sixth Trudge can now be confirmed.  The sixth ride will be about 25 miles, leaving Walpole at 10:30am on Sunday April the 7th.  It will head North to Flixton and then dives South to end at The Cratfield Poacher for a late lunch.  Details will be sent to you beforehand, all are most welcome, bring along cycle jumble for the end cuppa


The Vintage Sports Car Club shares many members with the V-CC.  This Summer their not-to-be-missed Boulogne Bike Ride should take place on the old May Bank Hoilday weekend, (before the Queen went Golden).  That is May 25th.  A contingent will be going from Suffolk, possibly with a van to hold the bikes.  Make yourself heard if you wish to share in this essential ride, the 25th.  Great company, great bikes and maybe a little bit of wine too.

Ensure you get your copy of The Twisted Spoke before anyone else.  Place a regular order with your newsagent, or phone to be placed on the mailing list to Cally: 01 98 67 84  664