The Twisted Spoke
..."Humber!" exclaimed Scrooge when faced with thoughts of Christmas cheer

Being the official organ of The Flat Section of the V-CC, the informal gathering of cycling fellowes and fellocettes in the Eastern Reaches of England, and most other Lowlands - incorporating The Southern Society of Sartorial Cyclists (SSSC) and Gentlemen's Camping



Confirmation Confirmed

By Our Reporter Blanche Carte

Contrary to Fie and Skullduggery the Editors of The Twisted Spoke can officially confirm the proper and correct date for this Autumn's (sh)amble into the Suffolk Countryside aboard bikes old and even older.

The date was wrongly attributed to October the 3rd in rival organ 'Newson Views' maybe as an attempt at scuttling the Cambridge Section's excellent 'John's Gentle Jaunt' on that very same day.  A hasty symposium was gathered twixt these two brave sections leaders in a railway carriage on tne county borders and it was agreed and confirmed that THE TWO RIDES ARE ON SEPARATE WEEKS.  This sensatlonal act of Diplomacy and International Tact means that The Suffolk Trudge Number Eleven will take place on Sunday September 26th - that is
for those of you hard of hearing, sight or though.  Sharper eyed readers will spot a cunning trend here.  The keenest of East Anglian Riders, even those from further afield, can join in the Cambridge Section's other earlier ride on September 5th, take a well-earned breather and then attend John Malseed's celebrated Suffolk/Essex Borders ride on sept l9th (01206,323,334) stopping over in an Inn only to attend the Essex Section's monthly ride from Tim Gunn's (017 481 240 81) secret Aythorp Roding hideout to The Leather Buttle in Pleshey and then (gasp) back in the gloom of a Wednesday evening, September 29th.

Folk will be able to toast the good cheer of Tim as he Is deported for the Colonies the very next day on a trans-Australian Ordinary Challenge aboard steeds fettled by his own bare hands.


After a suitable pause for further refreshment, we all gather for the said Eleventh Trudge at Marlinspike Hall, Walpole, Halesworth (opposite Walpole Church) for a days pleasant cycling and Psychlejumble beforehand.  Gather at 10:00am depart an hour later.  (Cally: Ol 98 67 84 664) This route is the gently hilly one that ends up at The Rumburgh Buck Pubilo House for 1:00pm approx.  Food must be booked beforehand: (01 98 67 85 257).

The very next day sees The Flat section meet at the Scole Inn (near Diss) at 1.30pm for a soft ride of a few miles and much banter, drinking and fooding.

After the aforementioned Cambridge Section ride the following weekend - on October 30th there is a Victorian Display preceded by a long-ish ride from Marlinspike on to Loddon.  Got all that?  Let's see your metal...

Dear Mr Newsagent, please reserve me a copy of The Twisted Spoke every time an issue is left on your counter by some workshy ne'er-do-well.  I understand to ensure a copy I should call Cally on 01 98 67 84 664, get his address and then send him some stamps.