The Twisted Spoke - with Beano snow effect
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Being the official organ of The Flat Section of the V-CC, the informal gathering of cycling fellowes and fellocettes in the Eastern Reaches of England, and most other Lowlands both at home and overseas, incorporating The Southern Society of Sartorial Cyclists (SSSC) and The Suffolk Village Scorching Syndicate (SVSS)

Seasonally equipped Tim Gunn comfortably overcame floods and high tides on the first event some 3 years ago...


Please attend to your Diaries

From our Events Officer, Mr. Guy Crouchback

Those long-standing members may be interested to note that we have a new co-organiser on board after the resignation of the Reverend Matt 'Mathew' Hodder.  Mr Hodder found that a busy family life and a suddden demand on coffin building meant that he was no longer in a position to hold office and fufill the demands within The Flat Section and so his place has been ably taken by Master M. 'Mick' Madgett of Diss.


Mick has decided not to 'sit upon his hands', nor to 'stand upon his ceremony' and has snapped into action organising his very own set of rides to say a jaunty 'ta-ra' to 2004 and a hearty 'ello' to 2005.  Our programme commences with a short-ish ride on December 27th lodged conweniently twixt Xmas and the New Year.  The ride commences at his famed emporium 'Madgett's Cycles' in Diss (at the Northern End of the town on the Shelfhanger Road) at 10.00am for a 10.30 lift-off.  There is ample parking for autocars and carriages almost next door and opposite the shop.  The route is a secret, but reaches a pub for lunch after a mere 20 miles, with shortcuts, wherein vittles will be exchanged for the odd shilling or two.  The route back will be 8 miles.  Mick can be contacted by telephoning 01 379 650 419, ignore the rapscallion who may answer in somewhat brusque tones and demand to be put through to the master himself.  Place your orders for lunch as The Landlord of the pub will need to know beforehand.


Mick also has announced a re-run of his celebrated 25 mile Time Trial for pre-1980 spec machines.  This is an outlawed non-VCC ride, strictly pre-registered riders only and only mild bets taken on the day.  Call the same number and whisper bribes and details as as soon as possible.  Many were disappointed to miss this ride last year, your editor was merely shagged out after a paltry 2hr 10min sprint.


Two trudges are planned for 2005: The Seaside Special (with some extra features bolted on) will take place on April 3rd, and the Autumn fixture will be Sept 25th, a week after the Suffolk/Essex Borders ride from Mr Malseed's.  There will be a Golden Jubilee event on July 10th comprising of a timed two-way ride open to pre-war machines only.  More details of all these events can be gleaned from your own News And Views.  There are rumours of another splendid 'Trundle' on the borders soon, and various members of The Flat Section aim to visit our Cambridge coves rides (details from 01223 565 036) as well as officially launching the season at the excellent 'Boot And Back' on March 6th.

Dear Mr Newsagent, please reserve me a copy of The Twisted Spoke every time an issue is left on your counter by some workshy ne'er-do-well.  I understand to ensure a copy I should call Cally on 01 98 67 84 664, get his address and then send him some stamps.