The Twisted Spoke
Brought to you by putting a stamp on the envelope and popping it in the post box.

Being the official organ of The Flat Section of the V-CC, the informal gathering of cycling fellowes and fellocettes in the Eastern Reaches of England, and most other Lowlands both at home and overseas, incorporating The Southern Society of Sartorial Cyclists (SSSC) and The Suffolk Village Scorching Syndicate (SVSS)

Our timekeeper added on another 30 seconds due to the audacious sporting of purple spats and glib disregard for the benifits of pipesmoking whilst awheel.


General Trudge Alert and Summer Misgivings

From the desk of our Chairman, Mr Kurt Rehjoindah

Let it not be said that you don't get enough notice, the next Trudge is our SEASIDE SPECIAL on April 3rd, which is a Sunday.  Our Cycling Pastor, the very Reverend Ollie Garkie will be on hand to conduct services on the route at the drop of a dog collar, for those dis-inclined to miss their normal Sunday Service.  We have it on good authority that he delivers a cracking sermon aboard his Humber, and will do wonders with the fish (plus some bread) at the Dunwich Seaside Cafe.  The usual routine surrounds this popular event: Gather at Marlinspike Hall between 10am and 11am whereat various Gentlemn Of The Road will try to press their ancient rusty bikes and parts upon your wallets, we expect to depart unscathed at 11.00.  A gentle route of some 30 miles takes us to Dunwich and then Southwold for a luncheon on the Pier.  No need to book, plenty need to tarry.


I shall attempt, now, to make good mention of our Monthly Meets at THE SCOLE INN in Scole (unsurprisingly) just outside Diss on the Norfolk and Suffolk Borders.  The last Monday evening in every month sees us gather there between 7.00 and 7.30 after which we pedal off for a mere 5 mile saunter to another hostel that has not been so foolish to see fit not to sell Adnams, and some food too.  Jolly banter, kindly advice and mutual machine admiration is all called for.  Start the weekend early by venturing out next Monday March 28th for a free sample of our event.


In order to help celebrate 50 years of the Veteran-Cycle Club, The Flat Section has decided to organise an event that, if well enjoyed, may be repeated at yearly intervals.  After much debate, and in honour of the glorious 'Boot And Back' event in Hertfordshire, it was decided to call ours 'The Low And Back' and this grand event is set for Sunday JULY 10th.  Put this in your diary now, please, as this is bound to be the last issue afore that date.  The event consists of riding from Marlinspike to The Low House in Laxfield, about 8 gentle miles up one of Suffolk's most picturesque lanes (The Low Road) unused by car, gently rutted by carriage and peopled by Footpads and Highwaypersons.  Your total time will be recorded by an official timekeeper, lunch will be taken on, drink will be quaffed and the return trip will also be timed.  Them's whose two times are the closest to each other wins a prize.  There may also be a special handicap award award made by calculating age of machine and age of rider to allow some lee-way to be juggled.  It is felt that we should encourage the very oldest machines for this event, so come all ye Farthings, Sociables, Tricycles and black bikes as you are bound to win if I know the judges.  Which I do.  Start time for this will be a 10:00 gather for an 11:00 off at 30 second intervals.

Lunch MUST BE PRE-BOOKED with the pub: 01 98 67 98 395, picnics are de rigeur and can be consumed out front by a babbling brook.

Dear Mr Newsagent, please reserve me a copy of The Twisted Spoke.  I understand that the likelihood of back-issues is but slight, so I'd like to get my request in now.  I understand to ensure a copy I should call Cally on 01 98 67 84 664, get his address and then send him some stamps.