The Twisterised Spoke

Being the American edition of the official organ of The Flat Section of the V-CC, - the informal gathering of cycling guys and gals in the old country, in the Easternment Sectors of Olde England, and most other Lowlands (gee it so is flat), incorporating the USAF, the CLCC (Condoleeeza's Ladies Cycling Circle) and Ophrah Open Road.

The US patented Columbia 'Star-Buck' model of 1870: a butter churn and coffee grinder combotwin cycle


By Chuck Wrench, your 'American' Correspondent


YOU KNOW WHAT?, like there's so much, like 'ON' at the moment, and all of it so, like COOOL!  Us guys with the old bikes have our time cut back just to, like get all of this stuff in?

Firstly we have, like, a Trudge? it's an all-comers event on 4/8 (that's Sunday April the 8th - ed) starting at, like 10.30? with a cute Yard and Car Trunk type sale, and departing a one hour later for the ride that takes us to the coast: Southwold, Dun Wich, that kinda thang. wooh!

Lunch can be gotten on the pier, no need to book, just ride on up.

Details can be downloaded by calling Cally on Zip: 01986 784 664.  Cool? how was that for you?  You're all set to go!


Phew! that's right, you got it!  Mikey 'Mick' Madgett is holding his usual Diss to Thetford and back 25 mile time trial on 25/3 (March the 25th).  But, HEY! don't none of you limeys fret too much about that 25 miles, now, if you looked pooped after 20, us yanks will steam in and help you to the finish - we always do! (but you'll be paying for it for the next 60 years).

So, you so gotta 'phone him for enscriptionerisation, man.  Like try 01379 650419, tell him I sent you and he's cool, and jeez, that's just three weeks before The Boot And Back which is a y'all must-see pant-wetter of an event.  It kicks off on 3/4 and I spect most of you folk know the routine for that lil old ride now y'hear?

You can always phone Mike on his cell on 01462 790 505 to get the skinny.  We're siked!


AND! there's so much more this year!  Like we aim to repeat the Spoke and Steam ride on 8/26 and here's the heads up on the return of the mighty Suffolk Trundle on 7/8.  Warranteed to give you a good time.  You do the math.


You're damn right we meet once a month, and yes sir! it's at the Scole Inn, an adorable little Country Pub in Scole near Diss in Nor Folk? (not Virginia).  We meet up on the first Monday evening in every month at 0.2.2 hundred hours, and we de-bike off on a short ride to an even greater Pub-Mall where we can all get McDonalds and Coke.  We, like SO want to see you there too.  Jesus loves you.  Awesome.

And that's about it from me, Chuck Wrench, except to say that we have greatly enjoyed the company of your Prime President Minister Mister Tony Blair and we love your Ginness and warm beer?  We aim to be back soon to,like, get you to ride on the right side of the road (NOT the sidewalk).  You all have a nice day now.  We, like SO loved having you round?  You're good to go.

HEY!  Mr Newsagent, and candy bar man... reserve me a copy of The Twisted Spoke.  I dig that to ensure a copy I should call Cally on 01 98 67 84 664, get the address lowdown and then send him some stamps, like pronto.

And on the back page...