The Twisted Spoke

British edition of the official organ of The Flat Section of the V-CC, the informal gathering of cycling Gentlefolk in Britain's Easternmost regions and most other Lowlands.  This Journal not to be confused with The Big Issue.



By Bradfield Combust our 'Barn Find' Correspondent


We are proud, nay chuffed, to announce the fact that our membership has swelled by the addition of one new member, namely Daisy May Gunn, introduced to the world only last week weighing a truly lightweight 'nearly 8lbs' (a non-metric infant), and fettled by both Lucy and Tim Gunn of The Old Bicycle Co.  Gifts are more than welcome providing that they are component parts to a Bugatti (type 35) or any new-old-stock Hetchins Curly Frames.


No doubt young Daisy will enjoy her first Boulogne Bike Ride, this year on May the 24th and 25th, all details to be found on: (that is a website address for ye who still take The Times of a morning).  Better still are three bonus events that take place beforehand.  The very backbone of the Flatties 'A TRUDGE' lands on the very Sunday the clocks go amiss (forward we believe) namely Sunday March 30th.  Due to public convenience and in our finite wisdom, we have decided to repeat last year's SEASIDE SPECIAL with the same fine weather we encountered last year on order.  It promises to be quite a ride: about 30 gentle miles with Ice Cream.  Meet at Marlinspike for 10:30 and lunch can be enjoyed on Southwold Pier without even booking (or paying if you pedal fast enough).  Details in News And Views or drop us an esoteric mail to and be prepared for a deafening silence.  No need to pre-book, & a cycle rummage sale before the oft.

This event is preceded by Mick Madgett's olde-tyme 25 mile Tyme Trial on Sunday March 23rd.  This HAS to be pre-booked (by quite a few days) so give Mick a call now, on 013 79 64 27 35

...and this event is preceded by the glorious BOOT AND BACK on March the 9th which has become The Flat Section's first opportunity of the year to shed several pounds both off the thighs and from the wallet at the cyclejumble.  Details of this event can be gleaned from Mike Kitchen whose number is in the members handbook, and if you are not in possession of this - perhaps a subscription to the V-CC could be entertained this year?

So it is all to play for: 'play up and spoil the game'.


Notice should be made of plans afoot for this summer, namely Saturday June 7th whereat we have rough plans to organise a right old pub-run plus camping.  The idea is to re-create the 1930s heyday of British Cycling tours by camping 'with primus' at Marlinspike and to bash off on a rip-roaring 20 miler in the early evening to take in the fine ales of some 5 pubs with supper in the last one and a 2 mile jaunt home.  Of course the evening will carry on with fireside sing-songs and lashings of ginger beer, some of which may not be so gingery.  Breakfast will consist of fire-cooked sausages and period toast, and the day can continue (if so wished) with a visit to the various open gardens and by-ways in the planned Walpole Open Village day.  Plus more ginger beer.

The Cambridge 50 is planned for June 22nd and a week after that we're all off to Flanders for the Retro Ronde, well at least that's what is planned, who knows what pesky punturesome tacks Lady Destiny may chose to throw in our path?

Further details for all events, call Cally on 01 98 67 84 664, & send him some stamps should you want to take further issues.