The Twisted Spoke

Empire edition of the official organ of The Flat Section of the V-CC, the informal gathering of cycling Gentlefolk in Britain's Easternmost regions and most other Lowlands.  This Journal not to be confused with The Daily Telegraph.



By Jimmy Floyd Hasslefactor


Those stalwarts preparing their Bukta Tent and Primus Stove for an authentic nights camping... NOT SO FAST.  Due to an oveseas posting we will have to postpone the planned Camp And Crawl that we have inked in for this Saturday June 7th.  Many apologies to those who had roundly decided to abandon Herne Hill and all other meetings to make this event, but it could not be helped.


We plan to make up for it all by a plethora, nay spattering, of fine events in the near future:


Like last year; several sturdy Eastern Types will take up the challenge and head West to Much Wenlock to partake in the Olympiad.  Historians will know that these are the ORIGINAL modern 'Olympic Games' and an event not to be missed, despite the fact that we had to swim around most of the course.  Great rides, great races (especially if 'Micky Freshlegs' doesn't show up again) and some wonderful pubs.  This date has been moved (see it is not just US) to July 13th, Call for details: 07867 514 043


Again we sally West to ride a fine circuit on Friday August 1st based at Prescott Hill Climb, near Gotherington, Glos.  It's a fine 25 mile spin, plus on Sunday (3rd) there is a race UP this historic course.  Camping is encouraged and our Vintage Steam Driven Cinema win be in action Friday and Saturday nights again.


Our usual monthly meeting takes place again on Monday August 25th except this night we ride up to Bramerton, just south of Norwich for a fine 'do' there.  Meeting times and destinations as yet undecided, call Mick or Cally for details (there will be two starting points, or just ride along and join us there, wherever 'there' is decided to be).  June and July meetings remain unchanged: 7:30pm at The Scole Inn near Diss for a short ride and aspersions casted in a wide arc of course.

June 19th there ps a grande ride to The Victoria Inn in Earl Soham c/o our brethren in the Dagworth lodge (Andrew: 01449 673 943).


This Autumn holds many an attraction for us Eastern types:

The next TRUDGE takes place on Sunday September 28th, starting from Marlinspike Hall as usual, (11:00am) with a cycle jumble before the off, whole bikes dragged out of hedges and lunch at Laxfield's Low House, back in action with a new (proper) landlord.  Full details win be posted in News And Views; lunch has to be prebooked by calling 01986 798 395 (1:30pm should do it).  Though unconfirmed as we went to press, Tim Gunn may well have an auction the day before, and we all know that means: lots of new machines and light empty pockets on the Trudge.

Those out for a spirit of adventure and derring-do might also wish to head back to the Welsh borders for the first Hillclimb event on September 21st.  This could prove to be a cracking event, more will be revealed in News And Views in due course, or details can be gleaned from Donald Workman on 07867 514 043.  Then we do L'Eroica in Italy and then it's Christmas.

Further details for all events, call Cally on 01 98 67 84 664, & send him some postage stamps should you want to take up further issues.
Or Mick Madgett on 01379 642 735 for the August ride details.