The Twisted Spoke

Colour edition of the official newspaper of The Flat Section of the V-CC, the informal gathering of The Cycling Gentry in Britain's Easternmost regions and most other Lowlands.  If full colour is not displayed: CLICK HERE.



By Percy Flaage

"Greetings Pot Hole Pickers" was the greeting made famous by Top Pop DJ-turned cycling champion Alan 'Fluff' Freeman, and so we echo his greeting for the new year on roads pitted with the effects of winter and already the clocks are moving hack.

This brings us to our balmy monthly evening assembly at The Scole Inn near Diss on the last Monday in every month.  We meet at 7.30 and tootle oft at 8 to a hostelry not 5 miles away for better beer and finer pub grub, only to return at elevensies with lamps lit and locals scampering out of the way.  All are welcome on any machine.


Humbly I beg you to allow me to draw your attention to the following events:

March 21st Mick Madgeft's 25 mile time trial on a Sunday Morning.  Call Mick on 01379 542 735 for the details, have pen and paper ready.

March 29th Evening meeting at Scole: the first on the new European Summer Time so snow is expected.

April 4th, Easter Sunday.  SUFFOLK TRUDGE No.22.  Escape Songs Of Praise and pedal from Walpole to Soetawold via Dunwich. A mere 30 miles.  All ages of cycle and rider welcome.  Gather at Marlinspike Hall, Walpole, Halesworth, Suffolk, IPlO 9AR at 10.30 for to haggle over boxes of old bike spares and complete mechines (complete with authentic ageing) for an 11.30 push-off.  Route-sheets left for latecomers, lunch on the pier, or picnic on the beach, putting the sand back into sandwich.

May 30th The Boulogne Ride, now in its 165th year a grand 25 mile extended picnic on the old Boulogne Motor Racing Course, much of it on tiny roads and through forests.  An essential fixture: meke a weekend of it.  Details from Tim Gunn on 01279 876 193

June 27th The Retro Ronde in Flanders.  Massive contingent from East Anglia attends If only to show johnny Foreigner hew it's done.  Two delightful 30km circuits, plenty of cobbles, a beer festival and a fine Cycle Museum as the start.  Details from Mick on 01379 642 735 (shop hours)

July 4th The Beason Rally, details in News And Views if you are a V-CC member, even though it lsn't a V-CC eveet!  Big anniversary this year.

July 11th The Wenlock Olympiad.  Never mind all these other events that clash, thls has to be attended.  Fantastic 25 mile circuit ride in Shropshire, plus afternoon rncing of all kinds, light-hearted and, probably, light-headed.  Call Donald Workman on 07 86 75 14 043.

July 24th The Dunwich Dynamo.  Turn up at London Fields at about 8.00pm and pedal through the night to Dunwich.  Not as daft as it sounds.  High on atmesphere.  Sneer at the drunken fools stumbling home after midnight.  Great company, breakfast at Dunwich.  Disorgaulsed as all these things should be. £1.00 buys you a route map on the evening.  Details from:

Soon we will be sending you details of the ill-advised 'Toe To Head on Tuppence Halfpenny' ride where Cally and John Malseed attempt to cycle their Ordinaries from Land's End to John Of Greats in 3 hours.  Failing that, they'll take 18 days and leave on August 18th.  Anyone fancy driving the support van part of the time?  Contact Cally at the number below.  Start saving your sponsor-money, details to follow.

Further details for all events, call Cally on 01 98 67 84 664, or Mick Madgett on 01379 642 735.  Send some postage stamps should you want to take up further issues: Marlinspike Hall, Walpole, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 9AR.