The Twisted Spoke

Colour edition of the newspaper of The Flat Section of the V-CC, the informal gathering of The Cycling Gentry in Britain's Easternmost regions and most other Lowlands.  If full colour is not displayed CLICK HERE.



(off your bike)

By Señor Cervis

We are pleased to announce the onset of the 22nd Trudge; a 30 mile saunter through country lanes ending in a slap-up feed in The Cratfield Poacher at about 1:00pm.  Meals have to be booked direct with the publican on 01986 798 206.  Normal pub services, drinks, snacks, banter, need not be pre-booked.  Polite request to the landlord may enable sandwich picnics outside.  The ride congregates at Marlinspike Hall (IP19 9AR) at 10:00 for tea and buns and the selling of unwanted rusty parts.  Bring rusting unwanted things, not necessarily cycle-related, no charge for selling, but please do not leave anything behind such as unsold Montegos, Allegros and Iteras.  Those who still wish to donate to Cally and John Malseed's Toe-to-Head Lands End to John 0'Groats ride, even though they finished on September 3rd, can do so in a conveniently placed pot.

Many of you will not thank me for reporting xmas activities but I beg to inform you of The Annual Madgett Xmas Xscape, a boxing day essential fixture and perfect way of avoiding inlaws as one volunteers to 'pop out to buy some batteries for little Sydney's talking Action Man' only to return some 6 hours later with feeble excuse of shops being closed, yet warmed, ruddy of cheek and refreshed by a 20 mile ride to a fine country pub in even finer company.  The ride usually congregates at Mick's cycling emporium in Diss (number below) at 10:00 where one can offload said battery money in exchange for those must-have cycling essentials and Rapha embrocations or, indeed, batteries to validate excuses on return.  Boxing Day falls on a Sunday this year: December 26th and the pubs are almost always mercifully empty, as are the roads.

Further details for all events, call Cally on 01 98 67 84 664, or Mick Madgett on 01379 642 735.  Send some postage stamps should you want to take up further issues: Marlinspike Hall, Walpole, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 9AR.

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