The Twisted Spoke

COLOUR edition of the official newspaper of The Flat Section of the V-CC, the informal gathering of The Cycling Gentry in Britain's Easternmost regions and most other Lowlands.



By our explorer-in-chiel Mr Kurt Rejoyndah

A new year is upon us, the game is afoot and you are now old enough to learn about the birds and the bikes and I am here to tell you of news - good news, being tales of pedaling, banter, frolics and frippery.
We commence our proceedings with news of Mick Madgett's notorious 25-mile Time Trial on March 25th, it is probably too late to compete, though a swift call to 01379 650 419 mentioning this august organ may get you closer.  It is not a V-CC event but is handled under the strict auspices ol the Diss CC governed by the sinister BSS - British Syndicate of Synicocyclism
Survivors of this and all-comers are welcome to join us on our regular Trudge (no. 26 no less) on Sunday April 8th.  This follows the usual pattern: meet at Marlinspike at 10:00, hunt through boxes of gently rusting cycle parts, whole bikes and warming tea, biscuits and buns, bring boxes of anything to sell (not necessarily cycle-related - no stall charge) experience the authnetic period country toilet facilities, and set off for Dunwich at 11:00.  Ice creams at Dunwich then it's up the coast to Walberswick and-or Southwold for lunch on the pier or random picnics wherever (no booking needed) and then a brief pedal back for tea.  All in all, a bargain 35-mile round trip, suitable for all machines, some rough stuff, avoidable if wet or soppy.
The adventurous may wish to visit the massive old-car gathering at Ufford on the Saturday preceding (7th) not-to-be-missed, pub meeting with hundreds of arcane powered vehicles, a pub and Barbie queue (she's very popular).

The V-CC AGM is on Sunday 22nd April at a splendid new Railway Museum venue in Kettering with a cycle auction hosted by one of our Flat Section members with the memorial ride on Sunday, well worth a weekend, and a good place to move on/purchase old bikes indeed, details from the V-CC magazine and website.  Then there is the Herne Hill Revival (South London) on Sunday 13th May, thrill to recreations of cycle-sport of old all day on the ancient Roman velodrome!  Massive jumble and lots of stalls.  Details found as per the AGM, cycle there or travel by train and cycle across London for the full period deflect.

This issue ends with news of The Flat Section taking to the 100-year-old Grand Prix course in Boulogne, France, (just south of Dover) on Sunday 3rd June for a day's gallant and somewhat tipsy cycling in the fine company of the Vintage Sports Car Club.  Full details to be found at if you are that way equipped, or call the number below, better-still, join us all on the last Monday each month at The Scole Inn near Diss at 7:30 where we gather, hastily refresh and pedal off on a 5-mile quest for a pub to eat and be even louder in.  So until the next issue, I wish you all a gusty tail wind.

Further details for all events, call Cally on 01 98 67 84 664, or Mick Madgett on 01379 642 735.  Send some postage stamps should you want to take up further issues: Marlinspike Hall, Walpole, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 9AR.