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Terrorist Action implies cancellation


By our Cratfield Reporter

Those of you who subscribe to Newson Views, the august journal of The Veteran Cycling Club will have noticed the omission of any mention of this year's Trudges from its pages.  The editor has been interviewed and has blamed a terrorist attack on their offices, resulting in the obliteration of much information in that recent issue.  When pushed to explain the origins and aims of this terrorist cell Mr Phil Wray explained that he is duty-bound by the Official Secrets act and we respect such patriotism.

Trudge organiser Mr Gascoigne D'Ascoyne is keen to stress that the ride is still on.  It will take place on Sunday April 7th, gathering at 10:00am for a 10:50 departure.  It will start from Marlinspike Hall, Walpole, as usual and one cycles 25 miles with a pub stop after 20 of these being at The Cratfield Poacher for some luncheon.  Food has to be pre-booked by phoning The Poacher himself on 01 98 67 98 206, or bring picnics.

The ride is open to all comers and the more curious cycle is openly encouraged on this occasion.  There are two steep hills, the rest is flat out.  There will be the usual tea and buns before the off.

Mr D'Ascoyne would also like to point out that there will be a voluntary offering to help send Ms Helen Fraser on her journey to Peru next year wherein she will be teaching the Queen's English.  Miss Fraser is a friend, known to us, and has been selected for this task by the educational charity Project Trust.  She aims to raise £3,550 in order to go for a year, and a sponsored cycle ride will be taking place from Marlinspike Hall the following week.  All funds (preferably guineas) will be most welcome to the intrepid Ms Fraser.  Please help her to spread the habit of polite British table manners to the far reaches of our Empire.

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