The Twisted Spoke
...And Lo!  There eame a Star!  (and then an Eagle and a Victor)

Being the official organ of The Flat Section of the V-CC, the informal gathering of cycling fellows and fellocettes in the Eastern Reaches of England, and most other Lowlands - incorporating The Southern Society of Sartorial Cyclists, and Gentlemen's Camping




By Our Reporter Gaye A Bandonne

Undaunted by last year's flooding - Mick Madgett has offered to run a new ride this Xmas, the last of the year, on Sunday December 28th.  He honestly expects us all to gather in the car park in Diss beside his shop (Madgett's Cycles) on the Shelfhanger Road in Diss at 10:00 for a 10:30 (sharp) departure.  All are welcome on whatever steed is still standing after a long year's ride, the older the better, we say (older bicycles also welcome).  The ride will take us across country to end up at The Low House by late lunchtime, (1:30pm-ish to you squire) and lunch must be pre-booked by calling the pub on 0l 98 81 96 395.  Remember to book early as this could prove to be a busy Sunday in publand.


Once more the roads of Suffolk will quake beneath the wheels of many ancient cycles, pressed back into active servlce as the 10th Anniversary Trudge will take place on Palm Sunday April 4th, the usual rigeur stands, meet at Marlinspike Hall, Walpole, Haleswoth, Suffolk at 10.00am for a bike hedge sale and jumble with tea and buns followed by a 11:00 departure.  This ride also ends up at The Low House after 30 gently hilly miles, details on booking lunches remain as above.  Pre-booking may be essential.  This trudge is the one where we attempt to ride the main runway of Metfleld Aerodrome, heading North from our base camp.  Call 01 98 67 84 664 or read the V-CC News And Views magazine for more details.

Rumour has it that there may even be a Suffolk TRUNDLE in February, so that should warm us all up a treat.  News will follow as it is made up.


For those of you previously tempted to join us on our combined ride and canal cruise in Holland over one week in September - you missed an amazing event which will now be repeated from June 19th 2004.

(For those of you 'In ihe Know' we have now re-scheduled the cancelled ride to run for one week from June 19th, 2004.)

In all cases, the format remains the same: a 3-day ride to the cycle museum at Nijmegen, all accomodation will be on a luxury barge that will shadow the ride, one can cycle or cruise.  All meals and board will be included.  Demand will be high so book now! Details on 01 98 67 84 664.

Dear Mr Newsagent, please reserve me a copy of The Twisted Spoke every time an issue is left on your counter by some workshy ne'er-do-well.  I understand to ensure a copy I should call Cally on 01 98 67 84 664, get his address and then send him some stamps.