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I went to see Concrete Blonde with Chris Tsangerides (producer on "Bloodletting" ) at the Borderline club in Londons west end.

I enjoyed the band very much, but did'nt expect the call from Chris the next day,"the drummers left, going back to LA, do you fancy doing the album ? ","of course" I replied.

So, off to Nomis studios the next day,rented kit, but not the cymbals, "they are Harry's", Johnette very quickly pointed out "he'll be pissed" were the first words she ever said to me, so I very quickly got my own cymbals out and set them up !

anyway it all went very well and they asked me if I wanted to tour Australia with them ,you bet !

After Oz we did some U.S. & Canada gigs some Europe etc


album a hit, joey a hit.......GREAT ! My first Gold album in the US !

Johnette sent me a copy of "walking in London" of course Harry was back in the band ,nice album.

A call from CBs current manager asking me to come to LA

to record "Mexican Moon" was welcomed,Harry had played on some stuff, but they wanted me to fly out to do some more ,I never asked why,I just got on and did my thing !

Sadly I had to fly home early during recording that album, I'd had a phone call from the hospital saying my mother was very ill, I was on a plane to England within a couple of hours, she died a few days later.

A few weeks later I returned to LA to finish off the album,we recorded a Roxy Music song "end of the line".

Mexican Moon turned out to be a nice album ,They ended up using Harry on a few songs (I'm sure the track list is'nt

correct, but never mind) but its a very special album to me,the song Mexican Moon always reminds me of my mother,(even though she never went to Mexico).

I was supposed to tour again with CB ,but I guess Harry came back on the scene, but nevertheless it was a very interesting and fulfilling experience playing with them, both Johnette and Jim are very,very talented musicians.

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