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D.W. studio kit;- 22" bass drum ,10",12",14"&16" toms. 14"x5" wood snare or Ludwig black beauty 14"x 6½,13" KZ hihats, 16" crash,20"ping ride & 20" china......all Avedis Zildjian + 10" "Z" splash

Live, Paul uses ludlog drums, 24" bass drum, 13" tomtom,16" tomtom,14"x6½" bronze snare,

Zilogo cymbals 14" Hi Hat 18" ,19" crash 21" projection ride, 20" China. all A Customs

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ZILDJIAN 5B sticks

REMO heads- coated black dot (underneath) Clear ambasadors on the toms.

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YAMAHA birch custom absolute, 10",12",16" & 22".

Live kit On order 24" , 13" & 16" , Ludwigs will go into retirement when these arrive.

plus tympani, gongs, timbales etc

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(Another LUDWIG kit)

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some vintage ludwigs I have collected recently.-

a 70s mod orange super classic 13",16",22".

a "65" super classic blue oyster 13",16",22"

a "68" super classic sky blue 13",16", 20"

{short description of image} Paolo Sburlati's book on ludwig drums ---- highly recommended.

Paul buys his gear at ANDY'S drumshop Pelaw, Tyne & Wear