I have owned the car for six years now, [from young man to mature owner... well nearly], and during that time I have made quite a few modifications to the car.
Before I bought the car I owned a blue 1500GL Cabrio [reg. HOW 606X] for a year [see photo]. But the need for anti-roll bars and more speed enticed me to buy the black GTI.
I originally went to buy a MK1 Golf GTI. The journey to see the car was quite a long one so I phoned half way to check it was still there but the bloke had already sold it. After looking through the paper I saw advertised a one owner Cabrio. As  I was quite close I thought I'd have a look at it.
Much to my amazement I came away with the car and from there it all started with Cabrios....


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Originally it was my wife who got me into VWs because when I met her she had a 'T' reg [1979] VW polo 1.1GlS. At the time I had the sad gold Cortina [see sad old cars]. When I first drove it I was surprised at how it went and handled. When we moved in together I regretfully sold my [then] beloved Cortina.
However, whenever I went to do anything on the Polo [rear wheel bearings, brakes etc] I was impressed with the level of engineering compared to the Ford.
When we came to buy a new car we then naturally bought another VW. See photo of ACD 590Y [thats 1983 for all youall Americans!] . She was a beautiful 1500GL which we cherished for a few years.I then bought the Cabrio [See photo again] as explained above.
I eventually sold it in the Bath region so I would like to know if she is still around. Before I sold her she had Audi spoke Ronal wheels on.
I then bought the Black Cabrio and my wife bought D551 DAB a 1987 Atlas Grey Gti. The picture was taken in the South of France after a faultless and fast drive.
My wife now drives a H reg big bumper Black Gti. This is Beth with her Golf.


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