Non Working Signal Boxes

Upper Portland Signal Box

The box from Upper Portland was moved to the Centre in the spring of 1980. Only the top half was recoverable. It is currently in store at Butterley, adjacent to the platform. It was originally built in 1904 and was designated a Type 3a box.

There are currently proposals to relocate it onto a brick base at the east end of Swanwick station. There are no current proposals to bring it into use as an operational box.

Desford Colliery Sidings Signal Box

This box from Desford Colliery Sidings was moved to the Centre around March 1987. It was designated as a Type 3a box. It is situated at Hammersmith and is used as an S&T store. There is no lever frame. It is painted in 1948 red.

Linby Colliery Sidings Signal Box

The old Linby Colliery box was designated as a Type 2b box which was originally built in 1894. It is currently used as the Swanwick Station Office. The frame has been dismantled.

Linby Station Signal Box

The box from Linby Station has been rebuilt on a brick base as a demonstration box which is open to the public. It has been renamed Brands Siding after the name of the former colliery on the Swanwick Museum site. The box was re-opened by Ian Allen on 10th May 1994.

It was originally built in 1895 as a Type 2b box and was subsequently extended. The original frame is installed as is the wheel to operate crossing gates. There is a proposal to install gates over the lines of the narrow gauge and the diesel depot. These gates would then be controlled by the wheel in Brands Box.

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