Swanwick Signal Box

The former Kettering Station box now controls the main site at Swanwick Junction Station. Trains are crossed here on the passing loop and, in addition to the museum connection, there are two other single line branches which are controlled; the Butterley Works Branch and the former Swanwick Colliery Branch. More white levers are being painted in their correct colours as the installation at Swanwick expands to include the back branch platform points and associated signals. After the final installation is completed, 43 out of the 44 levers will be in use. The box has two stoves; one a Nelson, the other a Courtier. There are problems with obtaining replacement fire bricks for both these stoves.

This is the third box to be used on the Swanwick Museum site. The first was a crossing box from Holbrook Crossing on the Ripley branch. Block bells and instruments were installed for training purposes.

The second box was installed in Winter 1985 and was formerly located at the south end of Derby Midland Station. This was brought into use in April 1986.

The current box was from Kettering Station. It was originally built in 1913 and contains a 44 lever tappet frame. It was closed on 6th December 1987 and was moved to the centre during the weekend of 4th/5th June 1988 directly to its present site. It was re-commissioned in the Spring of 1990.

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