Tom's Grabpics/Scans

Grabpics, or Scans as they are also known, are traced images from animated TV shows in order to make a vector-based, high-resolution image. A guide on how to make them in Flash is here.

Beezlebot-Bender-Brain Spawn-Farnsworth-Fluffers-Fry-Hermes-Leela-Robotology Priest-Sal-Slurms Mckenzie


Futurama 'Scans'


(07 Sep 03) Members of the religion Robotology who go against the rules will be taken to Robot Hell, ruled by Beezlebot, the Robot Devil.
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(29 Dec 03) One of the best shots of robot devil with a pointless gradient in the background. For no reason it is also a wallpaper.
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(29 Dec 03) Not my best scan... just a simple shot from Hell Is Other Robots.
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(Jan 31) Made for the CGEF Comic Contest.
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Brain Spawn

(Feb 1) It's a giant brain. Simple as that.
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(24 Jan 04) Scan made from a request by PEEL user Xmpel. Also my first scan of 2004.
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(09 Nov 03) Just a quick scan based on a small joke from 'The Day The Earth Stood Stupid'.
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(Jan 31) A little experiment with a different style of scan.
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(Jan 28-29) Hermes from the episode 'The Series Has Landed'
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(06-08 Nov 03) This is my favourite scan, from a scene where Leela looks into a river, and the ripples distort her image to make it look like she has two eyes... only during one frame though. I made a wallpaper out of it.
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Planet Express Ship

(Jan 25) The Planet Express Ship from the opening credits. I had a lot of trouble with the logo, but it doesn't show in the thumbnail.
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Robotology Priest

(29 Dec 03) This robot teaches the good book (version 3.0) to robots of the religion robotology.
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(Jan 31) Sal, from 'Parasites Lost'
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Slurms Mckenzie

(23 Aug 03) This image is my first scan. It's of Slurms Mckenzie, the mascot for the Slurm Soft Drink.
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Simpsons 'Grabpics'

Kang (or Kodos, I dunno)

(20 Oct 03) This isn't my best grabpic ever. It was made for a competition on The No Homers Club. During it's making, my computer crashed, and I gave up, only to rush it at the last minute. I was originally planning to do the whole image, including a sofa and marge, but I didn't have the time.
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