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Antique Dealers at The Antiques Warehouse

All our Antique Dealers are selected and approved for their interesting and high quality Antiques. They display Fine Art, Collectables and Memorabilia to suit the connoisseur, the serious collector and international dealers.

We house around twenty dealers, there is a very limited space for additional antique dealers, although there is a natural turnover and therefore we welcome applications from prospective dealers who wish to rent space.

Should you have any further questions, would like to rent a space and/or would like an appointment to have a personalized tour of The Antiques Warehouse - please contact: Hilary Burroughs, tel: 01252 317590.

The Antiques Warehouse ask all our Dealers, NOT to display any reproduction antiques or new items. We reserve the right to remove from display any items that we consider unsuitable.

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