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Sole UK Suppliers of the IAR Brasov range of Gliders, Motor-gliders and Very Light Aircraft.

Inspectors qualified to Senior BGA level and a fully rated PFA Inspector. We can assist in all aspects of owning an aircraft, from finding the right aircraft for you to the renovation and maintenance of your aircraft through its life, and we probably have the contacts to help you sell up when you upgrade to a newer model.

We have the skills and the enthusiasm to support you in your efforts and want to help you fly what we believe are the best designed and constructed aircraft made. 

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We are able to supply new, the following aircraft :-

IS-28B2 Two Seat Flapped high performance glider

IS-29D2 Single Seat Flapped high performance glide 

IAR 46 Very Light Aircraft, Two Seat, Rotax 912 Powered

IS-28M2/GR Motor Glider, Two Seat, Rotax 912 Powered 

Spares and servicing

Instrumentation and Calibration

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The team at I.S. Aviation have vast experience of the Gliding and Light Aircraft arena, having been involved with all aspects of the sports for many years.

David Wilson is a senior BGA inspector with all of the ratings required to carry out jobs ranging from a simple Certificate of Airworthines all the way up to the rebuilding of a substantially damaged aircraft, whether it be wood, glass or metal. Experience is here for all aspects of the gliding and light aviation forum, David has been responsible for the founding of several clubs and also has CFI experience.

David is also a PFA approved inspector and is able to carry out inspections, repairs and overhauls of all PFA registered aircraft including the many different engine configurations that are available these days..

Malcolm Sanderson has been involved with the gliding movement in many forms since the early days and owns several gliders spanning the years from wood up the modern day equipment.If you wish to source those difficult to find spares, want to find the answer to a question that has been bugging you for ages, or just want to compare notes on any aspect of aviation, Malcolm will be more than willing to help you out..

Peter Wilson is the youngster of the team, a Silver C pilot with aspirations for greater things, he is able to advise on all aspects of the increasingly complex instrumentation that is being fitted to gliders to 'make our lives easier'. An experienced electronics and computer professional - if the technology is getting you down he should be able to show you the way ahead.

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