I really wasn`t looking forward to the school holidays this summer, mainly because Mum and Dad were going to Australia for 4 weeks, and I would have to go to Scotland to stay with my two Aunties up in the highlands. Aunty Morag and Aunty Sheila were ok, but they were my mother`s older sisters and at 54 and 57 years of age, I really couldn`t see them having anything in common with me a sixteen year old from London. July had soon arrived and I was on my way by train up to the Northest point of the UK, I had to admit the scenery was breathtaking, as I walked out of the train station I was immediately set upon by four massive breasts, well that is all I noticed as I was crushed by them both in an almighty bear hug. Welcome young Roger, you`ve grown into an awesome young laddie, as they were both admiring my body, I looked at them, Morag had her hair dyed black with just a hint of grey at the sides, it was short but not boyish, her breasts were enormous about 48D I reckoned, and she had broad hips and stocky legs, she looked very strong but not fat, just solid looking. Sheila the older of the two was more slender, her hair was pure grey and came down to her shoulders, her breasts were also large but not as big as morag`s maybe 44D, she was taller at 5 feet 6 inches and her legs were long and very feminine looking.

We took the bus to their house, when we arrived they showed me my room, they seemed very excited to have a visitor, and especially as I had come all the way from London. We spent the next couple of days getting to know eachother and I was constantly answering questions about my Mother, they didn`t like my Dad, so he was never mentioned. At my age I constantly had an erection, and to make matters worse they would both be doing things around the house with no bra`s on! you can imagine where my eyes spent most of their time, yes, following the wobbling bosom`s, and boy did they wobble, Morag bent down right in front of me to clean the rug, I could see right down the front of her dress and the two large brown nipples were easily noticed, and as they were moving from side to side as she moved I almost came in my pants, I said I was going to have a bath and ran to the bathroom upstairs. Inside the bathroom I noticed the dirty washing basket, and being young and inquisitive I naturally rummaged through it, I pulled out a brassier that was black in colour and really massive, I was intrigued by the empty cups which would usually be filled by their bosoms, I smelt it and rubbed it around my now exposed cock. I then pulled out a pair of stockings and a short black half girdle, as my cock was now itching to explode I just had to put the underwear on and look at myself in the full length mirror.

The feeling was electric as I fastened the back of the bra and slid the straps over my shoulders, the girdle was very tight but I managed to pull it over my hips, then I sat on the edge of the bath like I imagined my Aunties would do and pulled the sheer nylon black stockings up my hairless legs, I clasped them with the suspenders to the rigid girdle, now for some panties I thought, so I rummaged some more and found a pair of black briefs, I slipped them up over my stockings and they fitted around my erect cock perfectly, I then pulled out a full length summer frock out of the basket and pulled it over my head, as it fell around me I felt so warm and feminine, I smoothed down all the creases and noticed my feet in the stockings, I placed one on top of the other and rubbed the nylon together, it felt wonderful. I was admiring myself in the mirror, when suddenly..........The door opened and standing outside the door was both my Aunts, Morag and Sheila looked shocked, but both agreed “You make an awful bonny lassie, young Roger” they were openly praising me for looking so feminine. They took me into their bedroom and made my face up perfectly with loads of make-up, they put a black long haired wig on me and made me wear high heeled black shoes, I was now going to be their plaything for my holidays. It turned out they were sexually frustrated and because neither had any children, they hadn`t seen a man`s penis since their early courting days, so you can imagine the excitement when they said “Lift up your frock” “Oh, that`s lovely, now rub your hands over the bulge in your woman`s panties for us” “Oh very nice, now take your hard young cock out for us to look at”

“Oh! my god! just look at that Sheila, isn`t it beautiful, and so big and thick” “Oh yes Morag, it`s quite handsome and looks so strong, pull it up and down for us Roger” they were both now getting very excited and I first noticed Morag moving her hand up under her dress, then in one movement her dress was lifted swiftly over her head and she was standing in front of me and her sister completely naked. Sheila looked at her sister, smiled, then took her dress over her head and was also now naked. I stared at the four swollen bosoms in front of me, “Play with yourself for us”, “Yes, feel how feminine you are, run your hands over your nylons and brassier, young nephew” I did what they asked, and really did feel so feminine, how lucky women were to be able to feel like this, wearing such soft feminine clothes all the time, I lifted my dress over my head and stood before them in my woman`s underwear, I pulled roughly on my erect cock, it felt like coming as I watched these two old women, fondling eachothers breasts and Morag even had a finger inside Sheila`s wet cunt. I was now wanking furiosly when they called me over to the bed and pulled me down between them. Morag was running her womanly hands up and down my nylon clad legs, “What a beautiful young lassie you are” as she pulled me between her legs and my cock entered a woman`s hot cunt for the very first time

“That`s it baby, just push it into your old Aunties cunt, give me your young cock, oh baby you are very good, that`s it pump it in and out of me” Well, pump, I certainly did, my arse was going 100mph as it plunged in and out, I had never felt anything like this before, my cock was on fire, and the feeling of the woman`s clothes just added to the excitement. It wasn`t long before I was pumping loads of young come into her body, I dived my face down into her bosoms and marvelled at the softness and the womanly smell of her mounds of flesh, as my cock pumped the last drops of come into her.

I then got a shock because as my cock was just finishing emptying it`s load into her, Sheila stuck her finger right up my arse hole from behind, this was amazing, because it caused my cock to shoot some more come up into Morags sopping wet cunt. I finally rolled off of Morag, and into Sheila`s arms, she seemed more in control and cuddled me like a baby, “SSShh! little baby, you can put your cock inside me when you are ready little baby, just suckle on mummy`s bosoms for now” I felt so at peace, I suckled and squashed them together, and it wasn`t long before my young cock was easing into Sheila`s even older cunt, I fucked Sheila more gently and she wasn`t as passionate as Morag, more motherly and gentle, she eased me in and out of her slowly and wrapped her large thighs around me, feeling the nylon covering my legs in the process, this all was too much and I soon shot my second load of young come into yet another woman.

The whole experience was one I would never forget, feeling so feminine and yet losing my virginity at the same time with two lovely cuddly older women. Thank-you Aunties.