About me, Roy Livingstone

of Kirkham Lancashire England

This page last updated 20th November 1998

I was born at an early age in Tottenham, North London. Raised in Hornchurch, Essex, close to the famous WW2 Battle of Britain fighter airfield, where after its closure I spent many happy hours thrashing around the perimeter track on old motorcycles. I was also fortunate that there was a long established gravel extraction pit nearby, abundant in aquatic life and where I also whiled away many happy hours fishing. In between times, I attended one of the local schools, Brittons in Ford Lane,Rainham Essex.(Hey, anyone remember me?) Later attended Havering technical college studying electronics. I did OK. Moved to Kirkham in 1968 and then studied at Blackpool College of Technology and Art. Became a television technician, also became married, got a fine son, got divorced. No bitterness, no regrets. I am now a company director, under contract to a large local industry since 1994. My interests these days are exploring the internet, classic cars, reading and occasional forays into the many aloholic beverage houses that abound in Kirkham. I am particularly fond of science fiction books and films, but have recently really enjoyed the movies Titanic, and The Full Monty. I love a good laugh! I sometimes enjoy writing, especially when the words and ideas come faster than I can type. Maybe you will read something by me one day, other than my web page!


All mail welcome, answered when I have time!