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Welcome to my homepage. The above picture is as much as you will see of the "Legionnaires" film ( movie, to our American cousins ) as the company is now in the hands of the official receiver!!... bah! more money down the pan!

About KIRKHAM...a great Lancashire town about 10 miles inland from Blackpool on Englands North West coast. About myself, an appreciator of good science fiction - in case you havent visited this page before, I was supposed to be an extra in a film called LEGIONNAIRES....ok, I know it sounds like a disease but it had all the makings of a blockbuster and whats more I hope to be in it. Mid December 1998 hundreds of us extras descended on Radlett, near Elstree, and did our bit in the making of this film. It was great fun, and I will still be on the lookout for any other stuff that I can take part in. Mark Starling has a good site with news and links to Legionnaires info and pictures of a lot of us extras doing our sheep and teletubby thing...

Links to things I like.... Did you know that you could be getting paid for reading my pages....or anybody elses as well for that matter! I get paid while I surf - you could too - it doesnt cost you anything. Please write this down - JCL-551 and use it as a referral when you go to it works! Married..with Children I seem to really identify with poor old Al Bundy...and then there is The Financial Times More Money! my second great love in life. I am not rich but I keep trying. The financial markets are a real rollercoaster at present and things COULD get worse.

HOT SHARE TIP: Beware the Bubble
...I think its about to pop...but then again I am a fool! You too can be an official going to The MOTLEY FOOL

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