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Our catalogue includes a wide selection of Feature Films and Mini Series such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin and Anastasia, for selected territories. Also we have a selection of nearly 100 Digitised Features for cable and satellite outlets together with many PD cartoons. Catalogues on application - TV broadcasters and Home Video distributors only.

Latest acquisitions currently available in all Territories

95 Minutes

Pamela Ross - multi talented pianist/actress/playwright, brings her
hugely successful one woman, one piano play to television and video. The
story depicts the stormy life of the famed turn-of-the-century Venezuelan
virtuoso pianist Teresa Carreño.

Pamela Ross : Virtuoso Pianist
104 Minutes

Pamela Ross hailed as a "stunning" and "spectacular" performer has, and still does,
perform this program on the "Breakfast With The Arts" and "A & E Classroom"
programs for the Arts & Entertainment Network, USA
See also Pamela Ross Web sites:

Television Broadcasters and Home Video Distributors wanting preview cassettes should contact RAMM at the above Fax or Email numbers.
Home Viewers wanting Video cassettes may apply to Pamela Ross or RAMM - prices on application
Pamela Ross music CD's featuring Pamela Ross playing: Schumann; Bach; Chopin Ballades and Chopin Scherzi are available from:
Pamela Ross - Email: Pross9@aol.com : RAMM - Email: ramm@globalnet.co.uk
Prices on application to above.

Marty Stouffer's - WILD AMERICA

120 x 26 minutes - final 7 completed April 1999
Not available for Nth America except as below

TV Guide declares - "Next best thing to being there"
3 times Emmy Winner
Gold Medal - San Francisco International Film Festival
Gold Award - New York International Film Festival
Cindy Award - (8 time winner) Special Achievement in Nature Cinematography

(Nth America, Canada, Mexico - contact LTG Entertainment, New York - and tell 'em RAMM sent you! Tel: 01 914 476 7599 - Fax: 01 914 476 6681- other enquiries to RAMM)

The Lost Film Of The TITANIC
30 Minutes

Found in a garden shed in England by a 92 year old woman, where it had been lying
for 86 years, this program shows the only movie film footage, from 1912, ever taken of
the TITANIC and the only film footage of the aftermath of the tragedy

The TITANIC Phenomenon
50 Minutes

When she left Southampton on her Maiden Voyage on 10 April, 1912, who could have
imagined that days later she would be at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and that of
the 2200 people on board 1500 would lose their lives.

This program briefly tells the story of the tragedy, but, more particularly,
concentrates on exploring why, after all these decades, the TITANIC is still of so
much interest and fascination to people all over the world

Video Cassettes for both TITANIC programs in the USA, Canada and Mexico are available
Chip Taylor Communications : Email: chip@chiptaylor.com
- on application - tell 'em RAMM sent you!

Snow Sand & Savages

1 x 47 Minutes

In the summer of 1911 Frank Hurley, pioneer photographer, set off as the official photographer on the Mawson Expedition from Australia to the Antarctic. His spectacular footage is unequalled and surpassed only by his coverage of the Shackleton Expedition a few years later when he captured the crushing of Shakleton's ship in the ice and the start of Shakleton's epic voyage in a 14 meter 'whaler' to the island of South Georgia 800 miles away to effect a rescue. He was to return in 1929 - again with Mawson and this time they took an aeroplane with them Hurley exploits as a war cameraman in World Wars 1 & 2 and his venture into film making with The Jungle Woman in 1926 are a matter of record.

Available from RAMM worldwide and from Chip Taylor Communications (see above) for Educational outlets in the USA, Canada and Mexico

For A Bowl Of Rice
13 x 25 minutes

This series explores traditional and unusual occupations in the cultural melting pot
of Asia. It looks at the hard working lives of those who still practice skills handed
down through generations to earn themselves and their families an honest though
often poor, living

All Television enquiries world-wide, and Video outside Nth America to RAMM
All video enquiries for the USA, Canada and Mexico to Chip Taylor Communications
as above

Children's Programs for selected territories - * excluding North America (but enquiries taken)

* The Little Flying Bears - 39 x 1/2 hours
* The Gnomes - 26 x 1/2 hours
* ACE London - 13 x 1/2 hours
* Santa's Magic Book - 1 x hour Television Special
* Professor Balthasar - 39 x 10 Mins & 20 x 5 Mins (no dialogue)
* Waiting For Christmas - A daily filler leading up to the 25 days before Christmas *Storybarn - 26 x 1/2 hour : * Storybarn (26 ½ hours) and the Storybarn Christmas Special -1 x 52 Minutes


The above are available for USA, Canada & Mexico from LTG Entertainment, New York
Fax: 01 914 476 6681

* The Island of Nevawuz - 1 x 47 mins
* The Phantom Treehouse - 1 x 76 Mins
** Draw With Don - 22 x 10 Minutes

** (Program features all aspects of learning to draw from a simple line to portraits and
landscapes and is available from RAMM and The Roland Collection)

Over 100 Classic Colour cartoons - details on application - TV Broadcasters and Home Video distributors only

Catalogues available to Television Broadcasters and Home Video Distributors

Other Television and Home Video Specials include

Sleeping Beauty On Ice - featuring the Russian All Star Ice Ballet Troupe
Carmen On Ice - featuring the Russian Ice Star Ballet Troupe
Pipes & Drums - Live from the fantastic Edinburgh Festival

Music From The Signet #1 - Mozart's Flute Quartet and Shostakovich's String Quartet

Music From The Signet # 2 - The Yggdrasil Quartet playing Haydens' String Quartet Opus 76 No 1 and Tchaikovsky's Andante Cantabile from String Quartet Op 11


Masters of Beauty

6 x 26 Minutes

The world of top designers and top models as shown in these episodes:

Dior/Ferre : Guerlain : Ungaro : Versace : Cartier : Benetton


1 x 52 minutes

A one hour special of one of the world's greatest designers.

The Exiles

1 x 116 Mins or 1 x 63 Mins & 1 x 53 Mins

Filmed on location throughout Europe and the United States, The Exiles documents the efforts of many individuals and groups who participated in the most significant rescue of oppressed intellectuals and artists in modern history. These people were instrumental in saving the lives of many intellectuals who were fleeing Hitler's death squads on the brink of World War 2. It is testimony to the enduring strength of human spirit and man's quest for artistic and intellectual freedom.

Men of Destiny

130 x 3.5 minute episodes.

Men of Destiny is the vivid record of the lives of the outstanding personalities of the Twentieth Century whose activities, for good or for evil, have made history around the globe. These film biographies have been compiled from the authentic and rare negatives contained in the historic files of Pathe News - America's first newsreel.

Sea World Specials

12 x 1 hour

Many stars appear in this excellent series which has been filmed on location at Sea World's across America and in the fabulous Busch Gardens, Florida. A great series for children and adults alike which looks at the habits of Killer Whales, Dolphins, Penguins and many other sea world creatures.

Assignment: RESCUE

1 x 26 Minutes

Meryl Streep's narration provides the historical context for the compelling but little known tale of Varian Fry, a young American who helped rescue several thousand political and intellectual refugees from the Gestapo in the early years of World War 2, including many of Europe's most distinguished artists, writers and scholars. Varian Fry died in 1967 but his work has only been recognised in recent times by America, France and the Jewish Community

Successful Sugarcraft

3 x 1 hour

Hosted by world renowned expert Elaine Mc Gregor who teaches in Australia, Britain, USA, Chile, Holland and other countries these films show how Sugarcraft has become an artform in its own right.

The programmes featured are: Sugar Modelling : Wedding Celebrations : Sugar Flowers


1 x 24 Minutes

Freestylin' takes the viewer on a wild ride through the sport of freestyle kyaking. Defying the force of whitewater, the freestyle kyaker tries to perfect the art of 'hole' riding while doing impossible spins, barrel rolls, endos, cartwheels and anything else that can be improvised

In The Family

1 x 52 Minutes

Sexual abuse of children usually occurs "in the family" whether this be nuclear, extended or "friend" of the family.

This is a compelling documentary in which 10 women and 2 men relate how that experience has affected their lives and also examines the long term ramifications of child sexual abuse.

Other available titles include


The Extremists - 88 x 1/2 hour EXTREME Sports Specials

James Cagney - City Boy, Country Gentleman - 1 x 44 Minutes - Profile of James Cagney

The King Does Not Die - 1 x 42 Minutes - A religion rooted in the Yoruba culture of West Africa and bought to the new world by slaves.

The Legend of Loftus Hall - 1 x 45 Minutes - What is the mystery of Loftus Hall and why can't anyone live there?

LOOK AT LIV - 1 X 54 Minutes - a profile of Liv Ullman

The Massage Video - 1 x 48 Minutes - the art of massage is demonstrated in this programme which is suitable for television and/or video

SISI - 1 x 1 hour The story of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria - Queen of Southern Europe and beloved by thousands.

Milennium Austria - 2 x 35 Minutes - 1n 1996 Austria celebrated its 1000th Jubilee. This beautiful programme is a unique look at Austria past and present.

Nahannie - The River Less Travelled - 1 x 50 Minutes - Hidden in the vast wilderness of Canada's Northwest Territories lies the Nahanni National Park. Accessible only by air or water this land is the ancient home of the Dene People.

The Panda - 1 x 47 Minutes - The programme traces the history and biology of the Giant Panda

The Queen Mary - Maiden Voyage : The Queen Mary - Remembered - each 40 Minutes - Until she was superseded by the Queen Elizabeth 2nd the ocean liner Queen Mary was the most luxurious ship to sail the Atlantic winning many prizes for the fastest Atlantic crossing. 60 years of ocean glory from her very first voyage to her 'retirement' as an hotel ship in California.

Riot For Our Rights - 1 x 27 Minutes - Riot For Our Rights examines the role of Political Activism in achieving social change in the history of the Australian gay and lesbian rights movement.

Rosabella - Orsen Welles In Italy - 1 x 56 Minutes Orson Welles lived over 20 years in Italy - he was loved and hated but, most of all respected, by all those who came in contact with him - in particular his great love Paola Mori.

Talking Hands, Noisy Lives - 1 x 30 Minutes - The deaf have no word for silence - for them the idea of a world without sound is about as meaningful as a world without ultraviolet vision. But, there is another form of silence the Deaf are too well aware of - the "silence of people without language".

Discovering Jesus

Discovering Paul

Discovering The Young Church

Three 13 x ½ hour series filmed on location following the lives of Jesus Christ, St Paul and the Apostles. Told in simplistic fashion by world renowned Minister, Gordon Moyes.

Discovering Israel

1 x 52 Minutes - Israel is the centre of most of the world's major religions and we visit all the sites to discover why this should be so.

Also available the LIVE Video catalogue for better living and special interest
programs including:

Exercise Beats Arthritis : More Exise Beats Arthritis : T'ai Chi Chu'an : Feng Shui Today : Fountain of Youth : The Relax Video : Learn Yoga : Basic Karate and Self Defence : Kick Boxing Course : The Make Up Video : Oriental Brush Painting : Clay Modelling - The Human Face : Introduction To Freshwater Fishing : Painting Lessons by Britain's Experts : Fly-Tying & Fly-Fishing ( Beginners Guide; Summer; Autumn; Winter) : Pregnant Fit & Relaxed : From Stress To Freedom With The Alexander Technique : Discovering Herbs : Food Protection - Poison or Pleasure : The Hand Knitters Video : Painting On Site With George Sear : Calligraphy - Beginners Italics, The Elegance of Copperplate (Videos in the USA, Canada and Mexico available from Chip Taylor - see above) : Jon Gray's Masterclass of Photography (Videos in the USA, Canada and Mexico available from Chip Taylor - see above) : Chainsaw Safety Guide

Video cassettes available for the above LIVE Video programmes

Details and prices from:

Ray Atkinson Multi Media Marketing Ltd

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