Welcome to my Angelina Jolie fan site. On this site you will find many assorted pictures and vidcaps and maybe a few clips or tv appearences of Angelina.

Updated 24th June 2001

I've added the tomb raider screen saver to the extras section, currently working on a wallpaper section but my thumbnail generator proggie has expired :( . I ain't gonna put updates here for stuff like news cos i update that about every day. One link added also.

Updated : 21st June 2001

Site updated with a bio page wooop. News Updated!!!!. Also Articles Section is being worked on , this is going to be a very big section which will eventually contain such things as magazine articles or chat show transcripts of angelina.

Updated : 20th June 2001

Firstly i have updated the site with a clip from 'Jonathan Ross's film review' about the new 'Tomb Raider' movie starring 'Angelina Jolie'. Also theres now an mp3 of angelina singing (woop) in the extras section. I am going to try and update this site as often as possible, at least once every 3 days. Chat Show Transcripts will be up soon.

Apologies to Buffy Fans (by far the best tv show ever)because i removed the sunnyhell site to make way for this, the main reason for that is that despite getting a fair few hits since adding it to buffysearch.com i noticed that nobody was emailing me with praise, so i got the impression that nobody appreciated my lengthly uploading of interviews and hard work.

I am also going to be trying to update this site very often, mainly with lil tidbits such as updated news and an extra or vidclip here and there, this is my second reason for getting rid of my buffy site, the interviews where at smallest 11megs, most were around 30-40megs, this takes me a VERY long time to upload, whereas news and a few new pics and such takes a few minutes.

Updated : 19th June 2001

Site uploaded will all pictures and vidcaps working, enjoy. p.s if anyone wants to help with the site then just email me. Could do with someone helping with news and getting some decent quality interviews.Also site is best viewed in 1024 x 768 res, i can't stress that enough, failure to have this res or higher will mean the site won't fit on properly cos your computer just ain't good enough, so it ain't me,just sayin that before i get emailed by a thousand aol* users complaining it won't work.

*Not that i'm saying Aol users are dumb, just that you needed a brain to get on the net, and then they made aol any idiot can get online.