A Hungarian Romance

By Agnes Hankiss

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International Writing by Women

Translated from Hungarian with an introduction by Emma Roper-Evans

This baroque feminist fantasy successfully combines erudition with irreverence. Outwardly an entertaining historical romance, the novel challenges all the well-ordered assumptions of love and history in its tale of

the disastrous marriage and exuberant adultery of Susanna Forgach. The domestic drama, or "her-story", offers both contrasts and parallels to the male-dominated official history of Hungary in mad Emperor Rudolf's time.

"Hankiss' elegant and ironic writing skillfully blends fact and fiction as she exposes the myriad layers of corruption and deceit in politics and in the human soul." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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ISBN 0-930523-82-2 Pbk US $11.95 /UK 6.99

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