New Portuguese Letters

By Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta,

and Maria Velho da Costa

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International Writing by Women/Europe/Travel

Translated with preface by Helen R. Lane (prose sections)
Peotry translated by Faith Gillespie with assistance of Suzette Macedo

This tour de force of modern women's literature is the product of a creative alliance of
three Portuguese writers: all feminists, all mothers, all named Maria, who take as their inspiration the seventeenth-century European classic Letters of a Portuguese Nun. These modern Marias weave tales, poems and meditations around the myths and reality of contemporary women's lives. New Portuguese Letters, which caused its authors' arrest and trial on obscenity charges when it first appeared in 1974, had a profound influence on the Women's Liberation Movement and remains just as fresh and challenging today.

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ISBN 0-930523-98-9 Pbk US $14.95 /UK 8.99


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