Winter Quarters

By Osvaldo Soriano

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Latin America

Translated from Spanish by Nick Caistor

One of Argentina's most important writers gives his vision of the folly and horror of that country's "Dirty War", when thousands of Argentinians "disappeared" in the hands of the military regime. Soriano's gritty, Chandleresque prose builds a harrowing picture of a society in the grip of a bizarre and terrifying struggle.

This is the racy sequel to Soriano's acclaimed novel (also in English from RI) A Funny Dirty Little War.

200 pages Paperback

Cover by Argentinian artist Oscar Zarate


"Cruelty is outfaced by the essential humanity of these unlikely heroes who end badly but are given all the best lines." THE GUARDIAN

"A harrowing portrait of Argentina's restless society " NEW YORK TIMES

"Soriano's is a style of brutal efficiency" John Updike in THE NEW YORKER

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ISBN 0-930523-70-9 Pbk US $9.95 /UK 5.95

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