The Sources used in the original Chisholm Family Trees

Document Title                    Author                      Date       Publisher                  Subject Matter

Caroline Courageous               Peg O'neill                 1964       Act Publications           The Immigrants' Friend
Chronicles                        Froissart                   14th cty   Wm Smith                   Scot soldiers, early 14th cty
Civil Servant's Memoirs           H W Chisholm                19th cty   Privately                  Henry Chisholm and family
Clan Chisholm Journals            Various                     All        Clan Society.              Clan matters
Claudius, I                       Robt Graves                 1934       Arth Barker, Penguin       Roman Emperors
Claudius the God                  Robt Graves                 1934       Penguin Books              Rome and Herod Agrippa
Cronica Regum Mannie Insularum    Broderick                   1991       Manx Museum                History of Manx and Hebrides      
Day That Is Dead                  Rev J Stirton MVO DD      c 1930       Privately                  Glassburn family of Chisholms      
Encyclopaedia Britannica          10 & 14th Edns
Europe, Hist of                   Fisher, H A L               1934       Eyre and Spottiswode       History
Europe, Hist of                   Hassall MA series,Oxford    1901       Rivingtons, Covent Gdn
    Period 1,   C W Oman          The Dark Ages
      do   2,   T F Tout          The Empire and the Papacy
      do   3,   R Lodge           The Close of the Middle Ages      
Groundwork, British History       Warner and Marten           1923       Blackie & Son      
Highland History                  Earl of Cromartie           1979       Gavin Press                Highland History
History of the Chisholms          MacKenzie                   1891       Private subscription       Scotlands Story
History of the Chisholm/Bells     Hy Wms Chisholm             1883       Sir Hy Chisholm /1977 Family - 5 copies only      
Jewish Works                      Josephus               c AD 100        Milner & Co.               Jewish History      
Rome, Decline and Fall            Gibbon                      1807       Decline and Fall, 12 Vols      
Scotland's Story                  Tom Steele                  1984       Fontana/Collins            Scottish History      
Tales of a Grandfather            Sir Walter Scott            1828       Scottish History      
The Clan Chisholm                 Hariette Thrasher           1935       Privately                  Chisholm family and ancestry      
Who's Who in the Bible            Calvocoressi                1987       Viking Press

Public Records Consulted:-      
Public Records Office            Kew, London                   Military Files
India Office Library             Southwark, London             Chisholms of India and Burma
Register House                   Edinburgh                     Scottish records
Scottish Records Office          Edinburgh                     Scottish Records
Registrar Records                (Katherine House, London)     Queries on all charts and families.
                                 Now: Family Record Centre,Myddleton Street,London
Personal memories                Wherever possible             "Grannie always said so" (usually confirmed)