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Timer Watch

Timer Watch is a timer and stop-watch application for the Newton. So why would you want to use your Newton as a stop-watch?

Because Timer Watch is much more than a regular stop-watch. With Timer Watch you can

Timer Watch. More than a stop-watch.

Version history: First released 4th September 1997. Latest amendment 8th October 1997.


Version 1.1 - for NOS 2.x

For Mac Newton users:

Files are in Stuff-It format

Timer Watch Program and documentation


Flash Sheriden's Register program


Stairways Shareware Register program


All of the above


For PC Newton Users:

Files are in Zip format

Timer Watch Program and documentation


Flash Sheriden's Register program


Stairways Shareware Register program


All of the above


Cost and registration

The cost of a single-user licence for Timer Watch is $10. At this time purchase is either directly using Kagi or indirectly using one of the Register programs. If you would prefer to purchase in another manner please contact us and we will do our best to find another mutually acceptable payment method. Having said that Kagi offers a range of payment methods which appears to be acceptable to most people.

On receiving payment a registration code will be sent to you which is based on the owner name used on your Newton. (Owner names are held in the Owner Info slip - which is usually found in the Extras drawer). Once a valid registration code is entered the watch will keep ticking beyond ten minutes.

If you have other owner names you use on your Newton we will generate registration codes for those too - provided the names do not differ too greatly (e.g. if your Newton has owner names of John Smith and J Smith then we will generate two registration codes but not if your Newton has owner names of Jill Sheppard and Brian Williams).

Other licenses

Site and worldwide licenses are available - please contact us for more information.

Other information about Timer Watch

The language used by Timer Watch is British English. Other language versions are possible but we need translators. Contact us if you would like Timer Watch in a different language or if you can help with the translation.

Timer Watch will not work on NOS v1.x. We will produce a v1.x version if demand is sufficient. We would then need to get hold of a v1.x MessagePad - alternatively if you want a v1.x version and want to be a beta tester for a v1.x version then let us know.


Registered users of Timer Watch will receive free support via email ( - a reply should, in normal circumstances, take no more than 5 days. (At vacation time a reply will take longer. Please be patient).

Where we have received a support request which requires a new version to be released we will inform registered users when the new version will be available and of any workarounds that may exist.

Support will extend only to problems involving Timer Watch and not specifically the Newton OS, MessagePad or other Newton technologies.

Updates to Timer Watch due to defects will be made available for free to registered users when we are able to allocate time to providing the updates.

Upgrades to Timer Watch (where upgrade means a major change and increase in functionality) may or may not be made available to registered users for no charge.

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