The Committee

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The President
Lesley Boumphrey, invested at the 1998 Guild Dinner.  The first non-clergymen to become President of the Guild.
Pic.  Enjoying a ring with Tina Stoecklin

The Treasurer
Pat Evans, looking radiant at the dinner.  Pat seems to be able to find money from all over the place.  This year we are particularly looking for more Covenants, even small amounts help

The Secretary
Anne East of the Cathedral.  Organises, writes, sends and cajolles.  What else can a good secretary do!

Pic.  Chatting with Tina Stoecklin

John Proudfoot,
Acting Ringing Master

John Whitelock,
Ringing Secretary

John Wilkinson,

Richard Lee

The Infamous
Jack McTear

Mark Cubey

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